Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Enough already!

  1. So it is now January, and rumors swirl about still as to how Angela F won. Some say that a certain construction contractor in the LSD pays big bucks to her campaign and that her campaign hires ballot harvesters to take ballots from trusting citizens. Is anyone looking into this? And for S Hernandez as well. Or is it that people just don’t care? Of all the board members still on the board, she seems to have participated in the robbing of the district more than anyone. Why and how did she get reelected?

  2. Meanwhile teachers could not get broken chairs in their classrooms replaced, or get our carpets cleaned or other basic student and needs taken care of. A burn out projector light (projectors are essential hardware for in person classes)? No! New text books? No, not allowed! Meanwhile people went to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Austin, Tx, Chicago, San Francisco and other places and took their kids and parents and other people along at district expense. Angela F and Sergio H, Juan N and Shannon Thomas Allen all participated in some or all of these.

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