Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: End of transparency in the city of Inglewood

  1. Well Said !
    A well informed constituency is the heart of a dynamic democracy and the best defense against tyranny!

    Perhaps that is why this Mayor and His Chosen Council chooses to keep residents uninformed and silenced .

    A ruler who believes his power is absolute, is harsh, oppressive, and cares only about His Ambitions, His Prosperity, and His Desires is called a tyrant.

    Have you ever wondered …if Inglewood can’t survive as a city without Sports teams how do the other 86 cities in Los Angles County manage without teams?
    Wake up residents, notice who your leader works to please, is it you?
    Read the fine print of the contracts yourselves – you are paying for them in dollars or quality of service/life !
    Ask your Mayor and His Chosen Council why so many of Inglewood’s employees are in America’s top 2% as they (with news cameras rolling) hand you a food box and ask for your vote and your PRAISE.

    Tell them if you can’t speak in a council meeting you won’t praise them for the news hour because transparency and open participation are important

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