Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Corruption continues in Carson

  1. If you want us to believe you, come out of hiding, who are you? If you want us to believe us you have to omit the lies. The fire happened almost 2 weeks after the odor was detected and the runoff from a fire goes into the sewer system not the channel. And praising Hilton, someone who got into office by participating in being illegally appointed as council. It seems to me your credibility is shot.

  2. Is it possible that the PW LBM superintendent from Irvine jeopardized our young children, teens, the elderly, and the rest of the public to exposure of Covid-19. For about two years our custodial crew has been without a supervisor. For two years the burden and pressure of the pandemic have been placed solely on our custodial crew. They have not had any support or compassion from this PW LBM superintendent from Irvine. Imagine the scrutiny they receive without any supervisory personal they can rely on? They’ve been subjected to schedule changes/crew changes and anything the superintendent wants because he has complete control without any checks and balances. Any bureaucrat at City Hall that makes upwards of $100,000 a year or more can snap their fingers and this superintendent will send the custodians hauling as s to put that fire out. The daycare areas in our parks, the community rooms, and the public restrooms…… all without a supervisor that can be held accountable, so he goes after the workers….. but wait there is more. Where is the money for that position for the last 2 years? Where did it go, who has it, what is its location? These are questions that the public doesn’t even know to ask about! Can anyone tell me what that fully funded supervisor positions money was used for? The reason this matters is because the stance of upper management in the city and the PW LBM superintendent from Irvine is to threaten disciplinary action against any Covid-19 infraction yet not place a designated individual in a position that clearly has been in place for decades. How long will the residents and taxpayers allow him to use his famous saying “I’m new here, this is how it was before I arrived “ Enough of the excuses and do something for that $125,000 a year job you have.

  3. Let’s not forget the PW LBM superintendent whom the Ciry manager brought with her from Irvine. He needs to go as well. He has also isolated our HVAC tech. He doesn’t allow him to have any input or recommendations and in fact plain out ignores him. He is a proud minority professional who is treated like the invisible man because he applied for a position that he should have definitely received. The PW LBM superintendent choose 2 individuals who had no/zero experience in the field. As this is written he is also trying to remove a small African American-owned business that takes care of our street medians and give the contract to another business he no doubts has affiliations to. Something fishy? Many residents do not know that he also has turned our tree crew upside down by displacing the tree supervisor and allowing a worker to not work and pretend he’s a supervisor affecting the taxpayers directly. Meaning the service time will be even longer than usual. He’s very clever in hiding his intentions, he uses staff to do his bidding. How many contacts have been awarded to new businesses that he had ties to??? We will never know because he distances himself by directing subordinates and temporary interns to produce city contracts. Find one with his name attached, good luck. From day one he has used the excuse that he is new here in Carson. That Carson is damaged. The mayor fell for his antics and we lost a great PW Director, Dr. Slaughter. He manipulated the council and with the city manager’s help, she was removed. We need to stop bringing in corrupt management and hire from our own talented and beautiful community. Come on Carson, let’s take our city back.

    1. Let’s not forget this same Superintendent also does not believe in laws! When we moved from our old yard to the new supposedly state of the art yard😂 he choose to move tons of hazardous waste illegally to the new yard with out any permits from health haz-mat and of course he used employees who were clueless to the laws to do his dirty work for him. This guy has put every citizen in this city at risk moving all this unknown hazardous waste through the city. You are not above the law Mr Superintendent!

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