Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton Unified School District “Protest”

  1. This chick is on the district payroll. Her whole approach to CUSD changed after she interviewed two of the board members. You know how they like to entice folks with district dollars.

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    Whenever you offer an Educator a 3% raise, every three or four years, you may as well just throw them a little chicken feed, instead, for we will probably take it the same way. It’s ridiculous. Also, if you don’t want to pay teachers what they’re worth, then why not get rid of the prerequisite of having college degree, since none the other professions that the article mentioned have to have one? Or better yet, why not simply have parents drop their child off at the front gate, and let the plant worker teach them how to read? Or better still, if you really want to try something new and innovative, why not have the cafeteria workers grade essays during their break time? Therefore, enough with this divide and conquer soliloquy. But I digress. So anyway, as an educator who works in a school district where they pay the top administrators more than President Obama earned during his first term in office, let me conclude by suggesting that if you’re going to make a false claim, then please back it up with both reliable and valid evidence.

  3. I don’t know where you got your facts but as a teacher in Compton we are not nor were we asking for 8 percent . With asking for more it will make us have more minutes to our day which we were against, I’m appalled at these gross and false accusations against us. You would think as an editor you would fact check before posting such garbage

    1. This chick is on the district payroll. Her whole approach to CUSD changed after she interviewed two of the board members. You know how they like to entice folks with district dollars.

  4. I love when they use a pseudonym here…and use all CAPS…too. Interesting back attack letter here. Our daughter in Howard U now, no thanks to their lousy math modeling concept at McNair Elementary. She’s doing fine now, with extra math college courses there, but she mentioned how the math teaching in CUSD didn’t really help the way she realized taking the online placement for esteemed Howard, a HBCU now. So if she knows the score, who the heck cares about this shouting letter? Not me, seriously and I left a group on FB, same writing style, so I can backtrack and figure out the “commissioner” who may have written this, but it’s not really worth my time, TBH. Rants always get attention yet it’s futile if we all know the school district isn’t doing as well as this person presents. As if students don’t know the difference themselves when applying for higher educations. Let’s hear more on this topic. Mayor knows, Councilwoman also knows and here we go again, folks, down this miserable rabbit hole…typical of our city’s main problem. I guess. Go pound sand, please. Thanks and I don’t play well with others…never will. Sorry…have a good day and weekend folks. And if you don’t vote during the next election and help the good people here, drain this swamp and get better people on the School Board, shame on you. The letter alone should convince the reasonable minded that it’s been too long for some who sit and post ridiculous letters defending incompetence. So it must be a friend of the CUSD Family. Protecting their friends from the rest of us, who know the real deal. Sounds so desperate too…tip, next time, dump the caps, please. Thank you…I’m amused. Aren’t we all…at turns. Thanks 2 Urban Girls…I read you all the time, BTW. They know me too, but in case not…I was a commissioner once. Don’t try to guess which one, not that important. I was President of the World too…in my mind’s eye…kidding. This is ridiculous. Later gators…

    1. We are ALWAYS appreciative of those who take the time to send us letters on topics related to the community in which they live in. If anyone feels they can do better than the current board, they are welcome to put their name to election papers and drum up support to be voted in. No one entity has the responsibility of educating our children more than the parents themselves. No one is forced to stay in a school district they deem as failing their child. It is the same determination that drives immigration and those fleeing unstable countries for a better life.

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