Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton treasurer reveals $17 million in extra funds

  1. This special meeting to be held on Monday is just wrong.
    Are you all trying to Dumbwell in place so he can continue to hide the truth.
    The community again see the bull shit you all trying to pull.
    Once again, Craig is not qualified to lead the monkeys out of the zoo, he will get lost trying to find the gate.
    All you crooks need to go and Michelle if you think you’re going to the assembly I promise you; you’ll be Aja cellmate first.
    The community is sick of all you no good liars and thieves.
    Just go!!!!

  2. Question: why did no show up Doug feel the need to tell the public he was hiding 17million????????‍♂️
    What other funds have you been instructed to hide????????‍♂️

    1. Doug was too busy getting prepared for his farewell party. The shit is he or his department wants to charge people $15 to say buy to this njgga.

      The MF makes over 100,000. Man, just give a brother a break!!

  3. Who says you can’t vote on a contract in a special meeting? They plan to do just that Monday. I just checked our City Charter and it does not say what can or can not be discussed in a special meeting.

  4. I don’t think there is anything special about the “extra” special 17 million dollars if it existed. It is probably federal civid money. Nothing special.

  5. My My My, finally the liars, thieves and manipulators are being exposed ????.
    Aja final act and couldn’t do that right as usual.
    You all so called elected officials thought the community was dumb.
    Thank you councilman Galvan for helping to expose the devils plan with regards to Dumbwell contract.

  6. It’s time Aja Brown packs her carpetbags, without any equipment or anything that the City of Compton has paid for!
    Craig Cornwell should have lost his bar card/license long ago for losing countless court cases, paying taxpayers’ money for Aja and Van Brown’s nonprofit lawsuit, spending tax dollars on a court case for Kimberly McKenzie murder case, allowing Michelle Chambers to have an ex-convict working as her assistant, violating on many occasions the Ralph M Brown Act, not prosecuting violators of the City Charter, and misappropriating public funds!
    The new administration should have no problem firing him if they adhere to the above crimes he has committed against Compton and its people!

  7. According to the city charter the Treasurer is to make investments according to the council’s investment policy per resolution in accordance with state and federal laws. The residents, by design, have been watching the wrong people all along. The crime family moniker was just a distraction. They were pointing fingers to keep your eyes off of them. They have lied and distorted the truth since the beginning.

    Citizens must be vigilant and no longer distracted. Compton’s future is at stake!

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