Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

13 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton residents protest housing project at 1950 N. Central Ave.

  1. Can we get some news coverage on this to bring it out it out to the light… How can we do this more collectively to hold these people accountable and get them out..

  2. How wonderful so many are speaking out !!!!!!!!

    Please oh please do not get discouraged ,

    Keep in mind the insane construction of high density “dwelling units “ is courtesy of those other elected -the thoughtless inconsiderate don’t answer the phone types who get their campaign dollars from developers your CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY and CALIFORNIA SENATE MEMBERS who voted for SB 10.

    Those fools seem to think single family homes have no place in their world and privacy in your backyard from 7 story high rises is not even a consideration….a backyard gathering for your friends apparently without people looking down on you is too much to ask when compared to the $$ and dinners that ply their yes vote

    They need to be voted out also

  3. Don’t wanna bust your chops or anything, but the property has been sold to developer. And they gonna develop.

    1. The city has no record of the property being sold to anyone ????????‍♂️????????

  4. Our leadership lacks Vision and more importantly regards for the people. Successor Agency properties must be utilized for housing. However, why build 30 townhomes in a congested area? Why not build single family homes to match the current neighborhood with adequate street parking? Money, Money, Money and kick backs, and campaign contributions! Additionally, did the City maintain the water rights to the two wells on the property? Probably not. We have a house of incompetency. Our leaders are too busy smiling for the cameras and stupid enough not to ask all of the right questions or research and get community input. That horrid Aja Brown, former Mayor left town so quick after lying that she was going to be here raising her purported family in Compton. She was just a money grab lame duck Mayor with no real leadership experience who bamboozled the great people of Compton. State of California take over this sinking ship as the people of Compton are tired of their leadership making our community look foolish. Stay tuned for another failing State audit as these clowns are lying about what they have done to correct the findings. We need a competent City Manager not this Jerry Grooms guy from Carson, he is not our solution! Ask the great people of Carson. We need Frank Sotello to heal the racial discord and he is someone with a great work performance history. Is our Council willing to show that they care about us the Latino community? More importantly he is straight outta Compton! Will our leadership bring us one of our own, who is fully capable and has TRUE LOVE for our city or will Emma Sharif push her Carson or LA people? Where does Darden stand in the mix of madness? Will she side with the peoples team Bowers and Galvan who are working for the people or will she side with corruption? Compton right now is just a mess!

  5. Let’s pull the plug on this site and cleanup the streets and Billion potholes all over the City… There is a Big issue with parking in the city of Compton! LETS STOP THIS PROJECT NOW!

  6. I applaud the residents, who have chosen to Stand Up, for the Wrong in Compton.

    There is so much WRONG in Compton, until many People of Compton, have just given up, and begun to accept the WRONG, while IGNORING what is RIGHT.

    We all must come together and support each other, although the WRONG may not affect your District, or may not be located near your home, but “IT IS Still COMPTON”.

    Agencies that have the authority to come into Compton, and assist us, turn a Blind EYE to the WRONG. Not because the Issues and Situations are NOT WRONG, but the fact that WE the People of Compton give the authorities the IMPRESSION that NOT ENOUGH of US CARE, about our City.


    HOLD the Elected Officials ACCOUNTABLE for their WRONGS
    MANDATE accountability of the MISUSE of OUR PUBLIC FINANCES
    DIRECT our City Council members to CREATE POLICIES, with CONSEQUENCES

    Without KNOWLEDGE

    Thank you,

  7. After numerous calls and complaints about the Olden Development I decided to drive by during school drop off and pick up. To my dismay, I could not believe the traffic jam. I contacted a member of the Planning Commission to inquire about the project and was surprised to hear the Planning Commission did not vote yes on this project. The project was voted on by the Council (Chambers, Sharif and Darden (who was recently appointed to the Council). I was also advised that Darden was fully aware of the traffic and parking concerns of residents in the area. This is yet another “look the other way” move by our elected leadership who continues to fail at listening to the very people that have elected them. Squeezing housing in and rezoning your commercial use space to residential housing when your city is in need of business taxes as the residents pay the highest taxes in California is poor planning and failed leadership. Compton does not have adequate Fire and Sheriff resources to support new housing. Our officials should stay focused on our current issues and provide resources and tax relief to its’ citizens. Compton has a large Senior demographics that contribute to the C.U.S.D. tax and they have no school age children in the District. We need leaders that will address issues of fairness in our Community and not build unnecessary projects just to have an accomplishment under their belt. Compton people must vote better and more importantly Vote.

  8. Please remember there are two Water Tanks plus building at the east end of the property. Then left turn onto a dead end street to KIPP School one way in one way out. There will not be any parking on the streets only in the driveways? How is this possible? From my understanding Planning Commissioners did not get to ask questions nor vote.
    The Willow Walk entire community has been tented the whole month of August so far. The same developer!

  9. Michelle Chambers is a joke and pathetic!
    When does Killer Kim McKenzie go to court ????????‍♂️

  10. As a homeowner and 20+year resident of Compton, this is an example of the blatant disregard of this city’s residents. I live right behind the new construction sight and it it loud and it literally shakes my house. We have work from home neighbors and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to simply do their job. To add insult to injury, we were not told the land had been purchased or that it would be homes built. It was not until the Olson Group informed us. I wholeheartedly feel it was our elected officials duty to have informed her constituents. We have been disregarded yet again. Then the rumor is that three of the 20 homes will be low income. Those 3 low income houses are already promised to said elected officials. This is just rumor but it’s out there and most will believe it because of the horrible reputation the city government has.
    As far as the Compton KIPP school. When the residents asked why a school and why didn’t you inform us, they were told they didn’t have to inform them. We have emailed proof. However, the residents are now baring the brunt of the daily traffic kids are picked up and dropped off. Driveways are blocked with no regard. Trash thrown out the window. Just utter chaos. The line is literally 2 blocks. Clearly this was not a well thought out plan.
    With all this we have to remember when it’s time to vote. Stop putting people in office who have no vested interest in the tax paying residents. We are not being respected. It’s a slap in the face. When will enough be enough? The beehive has been disturbed. Now it’s time to rally together and fight back.

    1. Ms Hayes, you are absolutely right , we must stop putting people in office who have no vested interest in the tax paying residents, but for this to happen , we must Demand Fair and Legal Elections in Compton, this will be the ONLY way to Stop Carpetbaggers from entering our Elections. We must Demand RESPECT.
      The City Clerk’s Office MUST be AUDITED.

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