Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

27 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton mayor accepted money from Sheriff’s union AFTER traffic stop!

  1. I was one of those citizens for Omar on both occasions of the race for mayor. But the person who won is the person who won election. I do not see sufficient issues here to justify her removal. Maybe added with other events but not this alone.

    1. The legitimate question is raised regarding after tge incident, funds were received and no mentioned of funds in the current concern addressed recently by Mayor Brown. A complaint was filed, I hope it was last year, so what was the outcome… campaign contribution, right. After a year of the incidence, this issue was brought up. Unfortunately, the Mayor Brown has politicalized a incidence that occurred a year a ago. For me, who cares if you are a Mayor, School Board Member or Citizen, if you violate a traffic law and pulled over and receive a ticket, fight it in court, not the media. Just clean up the city and be more transparent and honest about the tax payers’ money.

  2. I don’t normally into back and forth conversations, however I must share my thoughts. First of all it’s a shame that Black people and all Compton residents have been negatively affected by LASD in Compton but to shed light on messy shit at a time like this is disrespectful to people like myself that have been personally affected by excessive force. To have a Mayor that would stand on the front line is priceless. It is obvious to me that your priority is not the safety and justice of residents of Compton nor to use your media platform to Empower others but to add to the darkness that has hurt so many. The time and space used to tear down the Mayor is a slap in the face to good media outlets. I am thankful that our Compton Mayor is on the front lines. Many victims have voice about their abuse and you use your platform to tear that down. It’s clear you are advocates for drama. Signed by a Comtpon native

  3. What’s with this clear campaign to shit on the Mayor. Why aren’t you talking about the money Galvan excepted from the Sheriff. Why aren’t you talking about his relationship with Villanueva? What about the Black History event put on in the city of Compton by a group of Hispanics (Villanueva team) with Galvan? What about Galvan going to Fishers church and standing up and lying about working with the Sheriff Department and how he was standing with the people to protest/fight against the corrupt Sheriff? When he has been working with these same deputies of Executioners? What about calling Black woman monkeys? With all the stuff you publish about the Mayor, why is Galvan ever praised ? This man is not for black people! This man is an alcoholic and working directly with a group of Sheriff that want to bring harm to black people. A group of Sheriff that have no regard for black lives. Why does he get a pass? I haven’t even mentioned a quarter of the things he is involved in concerning tearing down Compton or the pain and suffering of Black people. What’s going on?!

    1. A clear campaign to shit on the mayor? If this issue was of such a concern why no press conference when it happened? Taking money from unions are consistent amongst all council members however if they disrespected her in the manner she alleges the last thing you want is a check and have it misconstrued as a “payoff”. We are also patiently waiting for her to release the footage her husband filmed of said incident.

      1. Please explain to me why so much energy towards the Mayor and not the issue of the facts? Why a whole article on the Mayor not the victims of police brutality? I’m starting to think this media outlet is on someone’s payroll to destroy the Mayor’s credibility. My biggest concern is that you and your cheerleaders are distracting the people away from the real issue or should I bigger problem. Do you even care about Cpt residents? If so why not focus on Empowering the city instead of tearing down the Mayor? Why not share about police and community unity? oh because this is about drama, my bad. I enjoy reading some of your articles but this one was a slap in the face to the change I wish to see. My last comment was out of the pain I experienced after my 120 lb daughter was brutally beat. I’m not one to tear down anyone. I want to be apart of the unity not negative energy .

        1. The facts are the mayor accepted a campaign donation weeks after the traffic stop. There was no outrage. No press conference nor call for an investigation back in June 2019 when this actually happened. Instead she waited until it was convenient and likely to be more newsworthy now that police brutality issues are heightened after the death of George Floyd.

          If Aja really wanted to help the citizens to stop being “terrorized” by the Sheriffs department she would have requested a charter amendment to abolish the city’s contract and re-establish the Compton Police Department. Instead she asked for changes in an advisory capacity only which does nothing to address the issues she’s concerned about.

    2. I love this thank you I read every last bit more voices speaks facts and truth.

  4. Where is the 3million dollars; under her leadership they voted to forgive Danny Bakewell 3.5 million he owed the city.
    When city councilwoman now Congresswoman Nanette Barragán tried to point out there was not sufficient backup documentation your mayor dismiss her and calling her an outsider.

    1. Mayor Aja Brown are you working to make Compton a decent and civilized community are you working for self gain. The greatest reward a political leader can achieve is 2 make your constituents better. You can only do that by making sure the sheriff department the politicians and the people in charge of the community are treating the community with respect and dignity.

  5. Someone asked me yesterday where is the missing 3 plus million dollars. I told them I didn’t know but im sure I could find out!

    1. Yes we need to find the funds, where’s the millions from MY BROTHERS KEEPER money, from OBAMA?

      1. Including all NONPROFIT organizations through the City…when ask about accountability at Council Meetings she deflect! What her Hairline Business with her Bestfriends not to mention money Grants Money was invested into Business 1500 Studio…Facts

  6. She has been getting her pocket fat since she has been in office… yet we the people of Cpt .. still have major potholes ????

  7. Lol ok a campaign contribution really, grow up. How about a few millions missing and Aja Brown has nothing to do with that but we know who. Go do some real digging and find the city of Comptons money that the board claims they have no knowledge of whee it went. Now go run tell that.

  8. Usually when the sheriff or police stops you it’s the male who is asked to step out of the car. Was her husband a passenger not the driver?

    1. Its usually the male who is asked however when the female is the same stature as the male…. then you have a scenarios like shes telling

  9. Poor Leadership…please checkout all her nonprofits originations including all Grants money that city of compton received!

  10. It is hard to believe that there are still some in the Community who support this kind of behavior. Compton wake up!

    1. Mayor Brown preys on young adults that are easily influenced and not aware of the condition of our city, why the city’s issues are not being addressed, and they cannot see the division that Mayor Brown has caused.

      Mayor Brown targets the senior citizens as her enemy and plays the young and mature adults against each other. That is a tactic from the Trump’s Playbook. Listen to Trump to find this same tactics.

      Do not be fooled..

      Citizens of Compton’s young adults and mature adults it is important to work together for a better Compton. A leader should lead, not to cause division.

      So young adults, even though your mothers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles may have a different opinion about leaving the City of Compton’s legacy to the future, we are not the enemy as Mayor Brown tells you.

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