Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton employees explore their legal options

  1. No sooner did Craig Cornwell lay off department heads, he said he is looking to hire replacements. What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. As long as people continue to be absent at the polls in Compton on election day, this will continue to happen. I have lived here all my life and my mother was raised here too. I watched people vote for a new mayor on the strength of her grandmother being a Compton resident. The novelty of having a young, Black woman mayor captivated many people who were tired of the status quo and wanted something new. The problem is that no one looked into her background or asked why she wanted to lead a city she never lived in. She went from trashing rappers from Compton to offering Kendrick the key to the city.
    We have city council members who are 38-term lazy bums, and school board members making over $100,000 a year while your kid’s school doesn’t have working water fountains to drink from on hot days. We will continue to have these problems in Compton until people can look past a political candidate’s promotional bullsh*t and make them earn trust and respect.

  3. This truly saddens me that the recent layoffs were not in compliance with the bargaining rules. One must ask what is the hidden agenda? The residents of Compton should be furious. Our tax dollars are working towards an agenda that is not ours. Residents of Compton get up and out to vote.

    1. Quit your crying, you were let go due to budget restraints. You were unqualified to begin with. You catered to council members and it finally caught up to you. Go on unemployment like everyone else. Hopefully you saved some of that overpayment of salary that you siphoned from the city.

  4. I hope the employees do not settle, do not allow their union or leadership to settle or sell them out, and that they in the future will be more wary of politicians using them and making all types of promises, none that were kept. You were warned during the last election for Council District 1, Michelle Chambers to replace Janna Zurita, to not help give this administration a third vote. Its aspirations are not of Compton, meaning the desire to replace all things Compton went past a media hit on a prior mayor, to the city councilwoman, to targeting residents who defy her and now even employees, if you pay attention. Now there is a rumor afoot that non-profits are being told to get their paperwork in order because supervision of parks is going to be farmed out to them permanently to replace parks and recreation employees. Now, how do you like them proposed apples? Years ago it became apparent she was targeting employees for replacement by outside consultants and agencies loyal only to the Mayor. Did you not notice this yet continued to grow a monster by supporting her in her campaigns. Anyone notice that she uses and then throws people away? Name anyone first with her, still with her. New everybody so now you know the real meaning of the NEW SEASON. Nothing OLD COMPTON it might as well read.
    This administration should be right in line for an old Compton beat down by employees. Go get them!!

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