Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton employees can clock in for work at their desk

  1. Associates will do what management allows them to do. The culture is created at the top, handed down to management and passed on to the associates. City Hall needs re-organization and weeding out. Stealing seams to be theme of the halls. Look at the Michael Fletcher Lawsuit, shutdown of the parks to bring in non-profits, dissmisal of commissions, charter after charter violation. I do not fault the indians, I fault the Cheif. .IJS

  2. I really don’t care about the clocking from the desk or time clock on the wall. What i find most disturbing is who leaked the security footage within from City Hall to some youtube channel to make a video about Satra Zurita and her “mob” family.

    Security videos are probably requested by City Attorney, City Manager Office, or HR to try and fire the fat dude Jerry for supposedly clocking in for Satra.

    It is probably not tour day to day employee but upper management City Hall boys and girls club conspiring to fuck with the City Election.

    How come we dont have an investigation on who leaked it? Craig Corndick may not be involved in this but if you know the MF, it’s not beneath him either.

      1. That REALLY sounds like BS.
        Imagine the citizen doing a public request like,

        I like to request internal security footage of fat dude Jerry to see what he is doing on August whatever date in 2020 doing in the morning from 12am to 12pm.

        Imagine you or I requesting security footage of the elected officials for whatever time they come and leave city hall last week!

        I’d personally try and sue for whatever dollar I can get. Compton so sad and pathetic.

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