Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton elections have consequences

  1. Dear Ms. Brown; Thank you for helping me make up my mind on who to vote for. Also for showing your true colors. The problem I have, all the not so pretty pictures were all on the brothers, and please people I am not being racist, just observant. You also stated you are an advocate of 2nd chances (lol) and you are doing this under the umbrella of “for the residents of Compton” B rown pleeze! If your endorsed candidate gets in, that means another 4 years of you. I’d rather have someone in the position of mayor (no matter what their race is) who have had a few bumps and bruises along the way, who’s skin is a little tougher than before, as opposed to someone who is professing to be like rain. Furthermore, I have a problem with a biased person who is also a Christian? Ms. Brown.

  2. This is hypocrite at its finest. I dont understand where you coming from when you say that she should of elected another black woman for her replacement. Open your eyes and stop seeing peoples colors and start to treat people on a case by case on who they are and not their color!! . How would we as black people would feel if a white politician say what you said on this article? I mean really think about the vibe that your are sending out ther. Really think about how you are making yourself look like. If we saw a white politician say that he should seek for another white person to take over a political seat simply because of his white skin, wouldn’t we think he’s a racist? I bet we will. I bet we would be out there protesting and demanding to recall him. Oh, but it’s ok for us to do it ? When will this end?!! That excuse of “they are doing it so why not us” bs is getting old. That shows your emature mentality and if it keeps going, we are never going to evolve. If you want to make a change to how the sysrem works, we need to unite . The system doesn’t like unity. THINK ABOUT THAT little girls.

  3. To whom this may concern..Aja Brown is the worst Mayor since the Tucker family..However Mayor is has screws Compton for her and her friends personal game..Word on the streets Cristian has a criminal background that need to be address immediately… where do we go from here…FBI please looking into every Grant that came through Compton..Word on the streets she has 11 nonprofit and multiple business in Compton and in Los Angeles..please look into the Nike Store in Compton where she is Blind Trust including Music Studios,Beauty Salon..
    Yes she should be investigated throughly including all her Marijuana Shop throughout Compton especially near School.. she using Latino in her investment Deals… Word on the streets she given Grant money to missdiddy on IG to continue her business…Before Aja missdiddy business had hit rock bottom until Aja became Mayor and all our Grants went to Aja and her Crew…Her Husband Van needs to be investigated as well.

    1. Your comment literally says the Mayor has brought or supported multiple thriving businesses in the city. I’m trying to figure out what you are objecting to it mad at? She also cut the city debt like in half. This comment lacks substance and stinks of personal retribution

  4. I have worked for politicians since the ninety, never in my history has an elected official come out publicly to discredit individuals that are running.
    If Aja feels the mayor candidates and others are not fit to run; why are you not running ????????‍♂️
    Oh Aja all your under handed dealings and lies are being exposed at
    This very minute, you should be having a sit down Tea with the FBI very soon, I promise you; please wear your blue dress.
    Aja you fooled the residents at first but the curtain has come down.
    Stop your pettiness, you’re truly sickening ????

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