Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton Citywide Camera Project

  1. You see so many intersections with these cameras. Who would of taught they did not work. They are a tool that could deter crime and serve as a witness in a city where people sometimes feel scared to report a crime.

    Remember when they opened the MLK Transit Center. There was lights on the big columns and there was even music. Now, it is neglected. Lights dont work and the nice greenery is ugly. There was rumors that the crystal room was going to be a filled with security cameras and law enforcement watching the cameras. Or how about the last phase of WillowWalk on the parking between the MLK Transit Center and WillowWalk entrance on Willowbrook Ave.

    Or recall about the movie theater coming to Compton or the Alondra Regional Park or the downtown Compton Master Plan or so many false promises. It seemed like the city has good ideas but somewhere down the lines someone stops the progression of the city or the city focusess in something else end forgets. Which in results mismanages millions of dollars like the cameras.

    I would like for the city to go through all its initial plans. I saw so much potential in Compton. Now I have lost hope in my city. Potholes, blighted properties, homeless, graffiti, illegal dumping, less trees, more big rids, more traffic, less parking, ugly parks, you complain and they start saying you new to Compton and expecting to much as a resident. I have called Compton homessince 1995.

    1. Many residents have referred to a killing in the Raymond Street Park and cameras weren’t working. Councilwoman Janna Zurita is campaigning on a platform that parks are safer under her and they are not.


    1. Totally agree…. But is COMPTON READY TO VOTE , THESE FOLKS OUT. or will the cycle continue

      1. Compton taxes are higher than Los Angeles County where are the tax money go we don’t see our streets getting fix where’s all that money at

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