Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton City Manager

  1. Just another TUESDAY morning quarterback. THANK GOODNESS you were not elected for you are even more confused than the current elected officials are. Futrhermore,we also need experience for candidates seeking a seat on the city council and as mayor.

  2. Craig Cornwell is a very nice man!!! I had a few conversations with him when he came into the position of city attorney.
    He always was extremely nice to me outside the Council Chamber and would grant me help with the seniors at Dollarhide.
    He, Alita Godwin, and Doug Sanders would make sure there was a Christmas tree for the seniors at Dollarhide and Craig and Alita would get decorations and decorate the tree as well they bought tickets for the seniors to attend Dollarhide functions when seniors couldn’t afford to.
    I hope and pray he will stand on his own feet and eliminate inexperienced directors, take the lead and turn the city around.
    He must be very careful of not pleasing the mayor, but the people and the city.
    If he rakes care of the city, he has the support of the people!
    God bless him!

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