Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

13 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton city manager doesn’t deserve a contract extension

  1. Bye Bye Cronies & Crooks!
    Compton Cartel Roll Call
    Aja Brown – Ding Dong – no vote necessary
    Craig Cornwell
    Michael Antwine
    Triphenia Simmons
    Dion Simmons
    Mario Flunkie
    Damon “Slouch” Brown
    Damion “Blinking Signal” Timmons
    Kim “Killer Klown” McKenzie
    Victor “The Extorter” Orozco
    Desmond “Risky”

    If you’re gonna change the trajectory of city hall… Get rid of the Compton Cartel!

    1. Mario is not a flunkie. He works in the meat department. Last heard, his hotdog is rated prime meat by sasha.

  2. Part 2 coming soon! Everyone who knows another offense should chip in!
    Definitely him being a Drug Kingpin with a Rico case pending in a city where a there is a Marijuana ban should top the list of why Craig should not get an extension and his the whole management TEAM (Slick Bond Wheeling & Dealing Michael Antwine whose pushing for the Bond deal to be executed by July 1 and Incompetent Triphenia Simmons and her flunky Mario, let’s not forget him!) should be replaced!

  3. This is totally ridiculous!!!When is this administration going to start see other residents and stop trying to rob them.
    Aja God gave us a gift, you’re going away you have a enough damage.
    A change is coming, God is sick of this foolishness!

  4. My list was even longer starting with his RICO case for shaking down illegal marijuana shops. Heartless and ruthless. He got rid of an entire parks and Rec department therefore the council shouldn’t hesitate to get rid of him. Should have done it a long time ago, so now you have to sit and watch him put 32 items on the agenda for Aja. He might as well haven given the council the finger.

  5. Interesting he’s seeking again a raise when potholes, graffiti, no code enforcement? Did Compton receive Federal funds THE AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN ACT passed by Congress. Many cities received millions. We need to find out if Compton has, maybe another reason why he’s requesting a raise!!!

    1. I believe every form of government from state to county to local has received some form of “COVID” money. The question is how much? And what you spending it on?

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