Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Compton City Clerk should be ashamed of herself

  1. Lots of “Anonymous” here so what do we “know” know and what’s speculation on this website is interesting to read, got to say that. I’m Michael Hill and I am not running for nothing. I know Alita and she’s qualified since I used to work across the hall from the clerk’s office and seems the posters have an axe to grind anyway….poor city never gets useful comments on this portal. I know her better than to post anonymous nonsense. So tiring here….most knowing very little it appears. And so it goes….and so it goes.

  2. Dearest God…please deliver the people of Compton from the turmoil of dysfunction, greed, ignorance and corruption. Please Lord. Amen.

  3. Most of the problems, “In My Opinion”, come from people who let so sayers tell you what happened instead of being at an event, or whatever the case may be, and seeing for yourself. BEING at the swearing in event of Mr. Bower’s and Mr. Mims’, the only thing I witnessed was the barging in and disrespect of an individual disrupting the ceremony, making a mockery of himself as though he was the great bishop for Emma and country!! I’ve always been taught that there are two sides to every story. Did this person bother to ask the two elected officials why they wanted the swearing in to take place there instead of the office? Could it have been because in the office perhaps it was a private situation and perhaps they wanted their friends and family members there, you think? And just for the record, the swearing in for Ms. Sharif was at a different time. I don’t know what all of Mrs. Godwin’s duties are or even the procedures of events such as this but I do know its time to start thinking before reacting and seek what’s behind an action instead of speculating. (Things are not always what they appear to be.) There are positive ways of handling a situation!!

  4. She was sworn in under oath to perform the duties of her elected office. Failure to do so, can and will cost her dearly. Time and day will rise in front of her. She will not be in office forever and knowing what disgrace she caused our community our people. Is very unforgiving. We need people in office that will put our community first . We have a work city. It just needs to ran professionally by people that gives a damn. When we as a people, dishonor our community, you’re no better than those that burned down Tulsa ,
    “Wall Street Burning” in 1921 Shame Shame

    1. The city of Compton has been under bondage and siege for eight years under the previous administration. I am praying that the new administration will listen and engage with the citizens, rather than attacking the seniors, improve Compton’s rating of being the #1 worst city and demand a correction of statistical murders that are not in our city.

      Another very important concern, allowing our laws to be breached when voters gave a thumbs down on marijuana dispensaries in Compton, however, the City Attorney, City Manger along with former Aja Brown did not lift a finger to demand enforcement.

      So, what do you expect from city officials publicly displaying unprofessional behavior in front of Compton’s citizens and to treat their colleagues with disrespect.

      Your colleagues are Compton’s citizens too.

      We deserve better.

  5. Amen!!!!Alita you’re totally disrespectful, unprofessional and devil…you did Aja dirty work we all see you and have known for years you were not right.
    Stop saying you are a God fearing woman.
    You showed you ass, the community sees you in different light….cheater, liar and a Joke!!!

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