Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Can we trust the Inglewood City Treasurer

  1. Why are you attacking Wanda Brown? She is speaking up now because NO ONE else will. Ms. Brown is an elected official. She made an oath to uphold her position. Anyone paying attention in Inglewood can see we have a corrupt Mayor and City Council. I am so tired of the residents putting these people on a pedestal and making excuses for their actions. The city is in a financial crisis. We have given tax breaks to the stadium owners, sold out to all the developers and still can’t maintain the roads and crime. All the while the assistant to the Mayor is making $389,000 a year. Twice his salary. Ms. Brown is NOT the person you should be questioning.

  2. Ms Brown is trying to alert residents about financial conditions of city/Mayor Butts and the 4 turkeys are dancing to developers/ working residents are not allowed to attend council at 2 pm while working/ all cities have meetings at 7pm/ BUTTS demand 2 pm/ SOUTH BAY CITIES 7PM INGLEWOOD RESIDENTS HAVE BEEN PLAYED/ ASK BUTTS HOW MUCH HE OWES IN REIMBURSTMENT TAXPAYERS MONEY JIMMY BUTTS LIES AND 4 TURKEYS WILL REMAIN SILENT WHY? SUPPORT MS BROWN AND DEMAND 7 PM COUNCIL MEETINGS TO BE INFORMED

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