Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: 2UrbanGirls you are focusing on the WRONG issue in Inglewood

  1. Also you have to look out for these agendas.

    This seems like an agenda here.

    Watch these candidates and folks that push candidates for Mayor.


    1. Marvin Inglewood residents are not politically astute/ polite for being stupid/to get elected get mailers/sing dance parta block clubs Mickey mouse would be elected/ lived here since 1963 it has been PAINFUL AS A BLACK MAN

  2. Both sexual assault and the Inglewood Transit Connector -Transportation Project to enable billionaires to trample and destroy our currently existing businesses along Market, Manchester, and Prairie are unacceptable ! !

    There is no debate that Sexual relationships should NEVER be permitted between a supervisor and subordinate – corporations reassign one or both of the parties so as to avoid hostile work environment litigation ! We simply have spineless wonders with no moral integrity in positions they have no business occupying. Dah the reason they were selected and are paid so exceptionally well is to run around and praise the abuser.

    Each of the stooges of executive staff should have intervened re the “pension enhancement exchange for sex”. As should have each of the elected who had to vote for the new positions and salaries. They are NO BETTER than the scum who watched the woman walking down the street getting pummeled and watched through clear windows and an open door and just like those scum what did our exec staff and elected do ????? They closed the glass door. EVERY PERSON who knows about assaults is at fault for remaining silent.

    Anyone who has watched a council meeting knows that JAMES BUTTS IS A BULLY His insulting degrading down-speaking is how he acts when he knows he is on camera ! Behind closed doors whoever believes he suddenly become a decent human worthy of respect drinks tooo much koolaid.

    The TRANSPORTATION PROJECT is just HIS way of exerting HIS will on the community as he has on women. In our collective assault it is he and his billionaire buddies who will be kicking back enjoying a smoke as the community reels from the assault of this project being shoved down our throats.

    Manipulating this revolting transportation project into becoming Inglewood homeowner / renters additional property tax will be our penalty for our silence. This destroying of our businesses simply to bring pleasure to Jimmies outsider CAMPAIGN DONORS is essentially not very different from the abuser who after a violent physical assault sits with a brew and smoke as he tells his pals (or in our case a tv camera) “she screamed and cried but I know she liked it” .

    And the residents ……?………..
    can say NO MORE The bully has got to go!! ~ or
    remain silent and forever hang ours heads in shame as we are regularly overrun by thousands who will only be giving their dollars to Billionaires, while we pay for them to get here.

    For the spouses of men who silently imply consent ….
    Would you be pleased if your daughter was the victim?
    Did you plan to teach your girls to accept physical assault as part of a days work ?
    Do you think assault is okay if your hubby’s silence allows you another shopping spree?
    Did you know your hubby’s promise to “Provide and Protect” included an abuser before you said “I do” ?

    1. I absolutely agree with this comment here.

      The more and more people. try to “rationalize” this behavior confuses the hell out of me.

      All I’m going to say is this James Butts ain’t the only one that is guilty. It’s also them cowards that sit on the Council, Artie Fields , Jose Cortez, Yvonne Horton, the Consultants, our state legislators, Maxine Waters……the list goes on.

      What James Butts is doing is illegal and the reason folks are quiet because they making money off him.

      James Butts has literally fleeced this City and the taxpayer’s better get rid of that Mayor and Council soon..

  3. To the IDIOT who wrote this letter to the editor,

    Mayor Dirty Jimmy Butts is NOT having SEXUAL ESCAPADES and SLEEPING WITH women at City Hall.

    Sexual escapades and sleeping with are UNEDUCATED and POOR WORD CHOICES on your part.

    When you say sexual escapades you’re implying the women and Butts had exciting and adventurous sexual encounters in his 9th floor City Hall office, which MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT THE CASE.

    And when you say sleeping with you’re implying the women gave consent, which IS NOT THE CASE EITHER.


    Butts’ behavior is CRIMINAL.

    Also, homeowners and taxpayers SHOULD BE just as CONCERNED and INFORMED about the People Mover Project as they are about Butts’ sexual predatory behavior.

    After all, tax dollars will be used to cover both and can eventually cause taxes in Inglewood to go up.

  4. Sorry,

    Although this article raises very good points pointing out the need to inform the residents about the possibility of being taxed for the proposed People Mover. It also diminishes and devalues the very serious allegations of multiple women whom have made serious allegations not only of sexual harassment, stalking and acts of intimidation.

    I’m sorry but I refuse to be complicit by being silent. I refuse group all these women as predators looking for an easy payday and to those whom suggest otherwise I ask how many lawsuits will the residents have to endure before they realize ” James Butts is the common denominator”.

    As for this notion that these women ‘signed up” for this is absolutely cruel and misleading.

    By grouping these women along with Melanie McDade, whom admittedly was for a long time involved in a consensual relationship with the Mayor isn’t fair to the other women and therefore sends an ill advised message to the general public, that as long as the homeowner’s are happy then Mayor Butts has free reign to treat women employed by or doing business with the City must adhere to his sexual desires.

    Inglewood we are better than this and as equally as taxpayer’s should have the right to oppose taxes related to the People Mover, these women whom are making these serious allegations deserve the right to have their allegations taken seriously and investigated.

  5. Inglewood residents don’t deserve to pay the price! What about the rest of LA and the county who will benefit? And I agree the Olympics, the forum, the developers, the stadiums and sports teams. Tax businesses and stop raising tax on inglewood residents. We already pay high property tax, and to what end? This isn’t Beverly Hills.

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