Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Leticia Vasquez Sued for Non-Payment

  1. Anonymous? The writer is Leticia Vasquez, come on Leticia, have the guts to post under your real name. False stories? Please point out what is false that I have ever written about you, you would have sued and lost just like you did for the Cook Hills story, in which you never went on the records why you were at the meeting. Now you are deadbeat. And then I exposed you for threatening candidates yesterday…

  2. Greeting Melissa! I want to first express my disappointment that you would simply copy, paste and share a news article written by a newspaper who has been sued for printing false stories without first doing your own due diligence as a professional journalist. This newspapers is well known throughout the region for this…/los-cerritos-community-news…
    On the other hand, I believe this is an opportunity for you do conduct your own research as to the facts behind my many years of service in Lynwood and beyond. Thanks for your interest.

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