Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 thoughts on “LA County Sheriff pens Op-ed re: Metro contract

  1. You suggest that each city provide security for the buses in their city. Problem is, many Metro buses travel through multiple cities. I don’t think this idea would be very practical. And there is no way that security can be placed on every bus. I don’t ride the Blue Line as much as I used to, but I rarely saw officers on the train. Maybe at some stations I would see them.

    1. Metro has the funds to provide funding to the cities where they have service.

      Security needs to be on the bus lines that have the most safety concerns. Unfortunately, per the 2014 audit, the Sheriff’s department wasn’t tracking that data.

      In Inglewood, IPD knows the trouble lines are the 115 and 210 and ride regularly, in FULL uniform. I would expect the same from LASD.

  2. The comments from 2urbangirls are well-founded. Ridership is low due to the angst the public feels about crime when using the LA County transit system. Their fear is real and justified. I found it striking that Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell would invoke homeland security as a primary reason for keeping the current contract intact. Long Beach Police Department – at one time under his command – certainly felt prepared to deal with all types of problems, including homeland security.

    There seems to be a profound disconnect with what the Sheriff is saying and what the actual data reveals. The department is stretched too thin. And please this isn’t a knock on the law enforcement personnel of the Sheriff Department. This is a public safety issue. The primary role, as specified by the proposed contract, is for transit security. Homeland security is seamlessly encompassed in it and is a role taken by the Sheriff Department, regardless.

    Compton is encumbered by a charter amendment that never made sense as to why it was voted upon and implemented. It mandates that law enforcement services be provided by the Sheriff Department only. It was an ill-advised attempt to prevent the revival of Compton Police Department. At least the county can change the terms and direction of transit security while Compton can’t. Or maybe it can. This question is being put to a constitutional scholar and current law school dean with the expertise of city charter and municipal law.

    You will possibly read it first on 2urbangirls.

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