Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

5 thoughts on “LA County Probation Chief abruptly resigns

  1. It is a known fact that the people in these Administrative positions. Have bent and broken policy when it’s convenient for them. Jerry Powers should not be getting a retirement package. He resigned! In which he should have been fired like he did so many others. And Ms. Kym Renner should also be fired but we all know the County will sweep this under the rug. With a slap on the hand and we will just move you to another department. Renner knows nothing about DCFS. We don’t punish we help.

  2. No he shouldn’t receive anything, and the employees that was wrongful terminated should receive loss wages

  3. This so called man of ethics, should not get any severance package from the County of Lost Angeles. Thoug the Board of Stupidvisor’s will always take care of their own mistakes. Like leaving Heir Powers girlfriend in her backdoor position even if she isn’t qualified! And really the person who is relieving him, what real background does it have? And yes, the department should be split into two departments, one who knows how to run an adult function and one who knows how to run a juvenile function. Though good luck finding a qualified person who won’t screw people to get the spot! But that’s what this probation department does, it screws people, unless they got their head up someone’s backside or between their legs!

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