Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

7 thoughts on “L.A. County Sheriff sets record straight on alleged deputy gang activity

  1. Since Aja Brown became mayor; her husband has strutted throughout Compton identifying himself as the mayor’s husband. This allegedly occurred at the Staples store in Compton and also at a Farmer’s market in Compton for free bbq at my friend’s booth. When the community members saw him frequent the illegal marijuana shops they told!
    It is rumored he collects money for allowing people to operate illegally.
    Hence, is that why he is the emergency mayor to know what and when the illegal marijuana shops are set to be raided? These are questions that should be answered.
    So, I feel the sheriff had probable cause to stop them!
    I’ve been in Compton for over 53 years and had no problems with the sheriff, with Rhambo being the exception!
    Mayor Aja Brown, like the President is not above the law!

  2. This would not be tolerated if this was Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara. I feel that the Major is only exposing what has been going on for a long time. .From what the media says this activity only happens in the not so great areas. In this area matters such as this some of our citizens are treated as if they are prey to a wild untamed animal . Only because they have been allowed to get away with it.

  3. I love the drama in Compton. Check out the special meeting write up from the last zoom meeting.

    Galvan asks the City Manager if the goal was to get voters participation, why not november instead if march? The City Manager says ya see, 4 other cities are doing it so we wanna do it too. The City Attorney adds and also because we charter. Got that. We charter city. Galvan smells the BS from the tag team, and tells craig im just sayin – if u want MORE voters like you sayin earlier you should have chosen NOV bit this crap. But that’s just my comment and withdraws.

    After the measures were voted down, another tag team started up by the mayor and michelle chambers. They talked and talked and talked and wouldn’t shut up
    They could of just said it in a minute or 2. Here is all the mayor needed to say: y’all council members don’t know shit. You’re just retards who keeps blabbing about making compton better but you ain’t got no fucking ideas. And i ain’t standing for this stupid shit no more. I’m tired of this and i gonna started calling u dumbasses out.

    Michelle chambers in the top right saying WORD!!!

    That’s all they gotta say, but they rambling on for 1 hour.

    Emma wasn’t gonna take that browbeating from anyone even at her age. She tells aja and michelle. When i vote for something, i LISTEN to my residents in my district. I vote for what THEY want, not what I WANT. It is what’s best for them not me. So back off brown sistas cause i Compton for life.

    Tana mccoy days some shit at the special meeting. The shit for very forgettable cause i dont even remember what she said. How said 🙁

    Can’t wait for the next neeting

  4. The mayor is desperate, all of her attempts to lead has failed. She is not qualified to be a leader.
    Because of everything happening around the world with law enforcement, she dedcided this was a good opportunity to keep her relevant.
    The sad thing about the mayor she has yet to realize that the community see her for who she really is; a liar, fraud, self serving, manipulative, immature, phony,disrespectful and a thief.
    Please Mayor Brown pack your bags and just leave, Compton will be better off without…eight years of bullshit!!!

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