Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

1 thought on “L.A. Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas and ex-USC dean indicted on bribery charges

  1. An elected person who was more interested in polishing his kid-who-did-wrongs image he chose to tarnish every vote he ever cast, is a man who should have never been entrusted with so much authority.

    USC Certainly is Not doing well in the corruption scandal tally either is it?

    Wow so many twists and tangles …… this does not appear to be a first time case of misuse of tax dollars bungle so many involved so much attempted distancing.

    Is there a competition or special plaque for most elaborate cover-up of wrong doing ?

    Is there any wonder the homeless dollars seem to have helped so few of the homeless? Fancy wording and backroom deals have made many developers richer and richer as they profit on the backs of the underclass.

    And almost every year the elected want to raise our taxes…..

    Corruption is Corruption and those who do this type of cover-up for their own benefit should NEVER BE TRUSTED AGAIN !!

    For over thirty years this man has had a vote in spending our money….you have to wonder how many billions of our dollars went to persons doing “favors” for self or friends or family rather than for public good as those dollars should have been spent.

    And of course there is that question…how many (not if any) of his colleagues knew, turned a blind eye, or voted in agreement and exchange for their similar Misuse and cover-ups ?

    WRONG IS WRONG no matter position, title, amount, or if others are “doing it too”.

    Of course now there is that other question. What percentage of the professorships at USC (and maybe elsewhere) may be less than earned or not-exactly-real but pay offs ?

    Unfortunately there is little reference to the victims of the son’s handsy/zipper issues.

    Sorta makes you wonder about Mrs. MRT’s dispute resolution program doesn’t it?

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