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13 thoughts on “It’s a sad day in Compton

  1. Nuff Sed. The article you mentioned, I found it hilarious in an odd way. Wonder how many in Compton actually thought it was a race between two individuals of Latino/ Hispanic heritage? Confusion reigns in the mix of things. Oh, well…and so it goes here. Thanks for the link. I don’t know what to think right about now, never have here. Hard to sometimes figure out who’s telling the truth and who you can’t trust, even on a good day. Glad the Zurita vs. Alatorre match is over, but he did make an impact. Next time, perhaps. So glad I’m out of public service here, however. Did my best to be forthright and fair as a former commission member. It was about doing good, anyway. Politics isn’t my thing anymore, as if it ever was. So I leave it to the “experts”, as it may. Duplicity and misdirection never was my thing. LOL

  2. I just realized how many more ballots there are to be counted. There could easily be a change in who has the most votes after they are counted. Let’s hold off on any celebrations until after next Wednesday.

  3. Thanks Admin, for quickly dispelling any assumptions posted here. Well played. That should satisfy the naysayers who sometimes jump to unfounded conclusions and the type of language, even though edited, may or may not hide a certain axe to grind, yet I find your reports well researched and refreshing since the LA Sentinel is Mr. Bakewell’s publication and the title of this post is an answer to the headline I saw yesterday at the news stand. Which I saw as the smoking-gun testimony as to where the money came from for those “ginormous” displays we all saw placed in parts of District 1. They cost a grip of cash along with the PVC to erect them. And that types of money doesn’t come from campaign fundraisers of the ordinary kind. Not even the challenger had that type of capital, and his signs reflected his more modest means available. Follow the money and watch where the trail leads. Not that hard after re-watching the detailed yet insightful SoCal report that’s still on Youtube, BTW. Their own word, not the editing thereof, tell on themselves, though supporters may think it was edited to put the city in a bad light. Seems they didn’t need editing to do the job, the words of Dr. Koffi, alone just reeked to pompousness and rhetoric. Maybe they should take a few acting lessons. Just a hunch, because other than the Mayor admitting he didn’t have the support from council to change things, they look like they’re all good at passing the buck. Except also for Mr. Duffey, who they canned for reasons I still may not ever truly know. But he did find the contract that no one else seemed able to lay hands on and was probably shocked, himself, as to what it showed. Watt Development owns the south side of Compton Boulevard, where they’re about to place an Oreilly Auto Parts in the former Blockbuster and before that Compton Sizzler Restaurant building that’s been vacant since Toy’s R Us leased it for the Christmas season a few years back. It’s been vacant for some time. When Circuit City closed it’s stores, Fallas finally decided to lease the large site so it’s the tale of two developers, Watt seems to be investing capital into remodeling their storefronts. All the Bakewell folks can boast of is the new Chase Bank being built by their corporation, not any revenue on that side anyway, but poor One United may find themselves suffering once Chase opens. Otherwise, that north side has more vacancies that need to be filled so they can start paying back the city for the monies owed. There’s all sorts of shenanigans that have gone on in this city and I’m glad 2Urbangirls is there to tell the story to those who are intrigued with this city and it’s history of letting things go. I’m sure there’s more to come as they keep doing dumb things and thinking they’re moving us forward. All of the players are at the table, so dealer, deal the cards. This ain’t Texas Hold-em folks. This is and has been the reality of this city for years, unfortunately. Guess Dr. Jones will have to let go of that nice Benzo he’s been driving since the perquisites and the remote to the garage will have to be turned in so his successor can derive all that goes with the office, including the pay bump, because the school board pays peanuts when compared to just sitting on a nice chair and saying, “aye” or “nay” to whatever gets flown up the proverbial flagpole. This should be good entertainment as we wait for the next shoe to drop. Politics is the name of the game in Compton, CA. All day…Thanks again…kudos.

    1. The latest edition of the LA Watts times quotes Janna as saying “$100k” was spent on her re-election.

      I received a “blind item” that says the newspaper in question is seeking to be adjudicated in the city to publish notices for the city, CUSD and the college.

      Photos also show him with Emma Shariff. Keep your eyes peeled to the council agendas. That man has made off with enough of taxpayers money.

      1. I also read this in the latest edition of the Los Angeles Sentinel. Wonder what could have been done with half of that? A skate park at Gonzalez might have been a better use for $50K since I know a lot of young people who live too far from Wilson Park. Noticed a new skate shop on Rosecrans, recently near Davis Middle School, but nowhere for kids to skateboard, meaning they’re probably on public property learning to “Ollie” or on city streets. I roller skate still, at my young age of 61 and ride bicycle all over. Fit not fat, and found that a sparse diet of vegetables and fruit along with no alcohol or extreme sweets gave me back years. And riding bicycle around this city isn’t the easiest task due to a lack of urban planning around alternatives to using my car or motorcycle. Just came back from Culver City and noticed that even the West Side of L.A. from Arlington back, looks better than this city on a good day. You should have seen the families utilizing the exercise equipment at the Van Ness Recreation Center was inspiring, to say the least. Most of Compton’s parks have grass that looks dead and uninviting, despite those signs announcing scheduled upgrades and all. Bet they don’t even have the funding to do all of them, just another political smoke and mirrors game for the populace. You do get uninspired when you look at the trash at Sebrie in particular, which is in District 1. Sometimes you just think there’s no hope when $100,000 is spent to win an election in Dogpatch USA, City of Compton. The equipment behind George Washington Elementary is far more inviting, as long as they keep the bike trail clean of dumping. Reminds me so often, that local politics is as corrupt as can be. They want the salaries and the perquisites, the power, but do as little as they can to create a better city for the quality residents we have here. So another 4 years of nothing is ahead of us. She feels not compunction to do better, and it shows, and shows and shows, the utter contempt felt for anyone who criticizes the family or their relatives, as if they own this city. It’s not theirs…it’s the people’s and just because our demographic isn’t as sophisticated as they believe they, themselves are, they give the bare minimum they can as far as ability or follow through, and I’d say it to their faces, but they love to hide digitally. First step, I’d fire the entire IT department in city hall, since they can’t upgrade their own website and have it hosted by Pacbell on a server in SFO. They can’t find documents because the servers in the basement are antiquated and slow as molasses, then there’s that contract for video services that I’d question since most videos can’t even be streamed on the city’s website because of the infrastructure that most of those elected don’t understand anyway. Lack of bandwidth, even though they give Time Warner a local franchise for cable in the city. Few watch cable anyway, these days, but the bamboozling of the network services kills all possibility of scanning and retrieving documents efficiently with just a mouse click for all departments in the city. Antiquated infrastructure is killing efficient running of most city departments as the rest of the world and other municipalities thrive while this city just sits there, like some fat old lady, waiting for Godot…who BTW never showed up. Low hangin’ fruit is easy to manipulate in a digital age where Compton is still behind the times. Film permit or none. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since working for Xerox, the document company and on a huge account like Sony Pictures, I learned that storage of important documents shouldn’t be the way it is inside city hall. It’s a sad shame we’re still not with the current technology and as hard a truth as it is to admit…technology does drive the proverbial train of government. Feds got hacked recently, and they’re blaming the Chinese, who deny it’s their work. Ed Snowden is still an ex-pat in Russia and Compton’s Information Technology is still in the bronze age, while officials sit on the council, literally clueless, on how important it is to even Google, that websites become smart phone scaled now. Ever try to see or access Comptoncity dot org on your phone? You can’t read it, not even with a magnifying glass and in today’s world and economy, if your web presence isn’t poppin’ you’re no one. Guess that’s it for now. Long post, but I had my say. Don’t care who doesn’t like it, or whatever. It’s been going through my brain a lot lately. $100K for a stupid election, tells me a lot about what’s going on in that head. Makes you want to scream, the sheer levels of stupidity that’s tolerated by their syncophants. Well you re-elected your “queen”, guess the “King of Compton” will be next to batter the door of state, and that’s enough of one family for anyone, really. Getting me off the planning commission was doing me a huge favor, but I termed out anyway. It was an honor to serve and use my brain for more than a hatrack. Riding along Central Avenue and crossing by Centennial on the back trail home, last night, convinced me that she just don’t care about us. Kanye West moment…LOL Bye!

        1. Moving on to Compton Unified elections. Residents have been watching and wondering about “donations” made that Superintendent Brawley can not verify. To be continued…

  4. I forgot to comment on your side note about the law suit. I have heard two stories. One says that LASD did provide security for the movie shoot. Another story says a permit was issued by the City, but as I recall, the City Clerk stated that no one came through her office to obtain a permit. It will be interesting to see where the truth lies in this one.

  5. The reason Mr. Bakewell owes the City of Compton millions is because the City of Compton gave him that money to rehab the property so that Burlington could move in. The citizens never approved of this deal in the first place, but you can blame Dr. Kofi and the City Attorney for making it happen. As I remember it, the loan was made through the CRA before the State got involved and screwed up all CRA’s in the State. This froze the payments from Bakewell to the City for many years until a new contract (recently agreed upon) was signed, and last I ‘heard’ was that the City is now getting payments from Bakewell, but I have no idea how much or how many eons it will take to get that loan paid off.

  6. 2UrbanGirls must be Richard Alatorres new b**ch bcuz shes all on his jock gurl hes going to use u n leave u like he does with all this other hos

    1. This website is on the “jock” of reporting facts. Do yourself a favor and head over to the Compton City Clerk’s office and check both candidates Form 460’s which lists all campaign contributions and payments. You will be surprised to NOT find this blog and/or anyone associated with it listed on either candidates forms.

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