Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

1 thought on “Issa Rae to receive ‘Key to the City’ during Inglewood’s Super Bowl concert series

  1. Stay safe this year , so there will be many more concerts in years to come says:

    Let’s celebrate our hometown talented for all they do during a safer time when covid no longer a threat .

    How is it so many think attending a football game or a concert with a bunch of strangers is worth the risk of catching the virus which has killed of so many?

    Yes, there are covid tests —but let us think this through ——one takes the test and then stops at the mini-mart or gas station maybe has dinner or drinks with a friends gets exposed to the virus and then attends the game or concert then unknowingly exposes all those in close proximity to the virus….

    Okay we all know the big strong he men that the game attendees think are they are party on when their team scores or wins, then after all the hoopla they go home and expose granny or their kids to covid.

    Yep that may be the game or concert to remember !!

    Butts and Kroenke May think they are God’s and may believe they have created one of the wonders of the world but neither one can bring someone back from deaths door.

    Is your or a loved ones life worth the few hours of entertainment or is there maybe a safer way to spend that weekend and perhaps a better use of that hard earned money?

    Hmmmm $4,000.00-$5,000.00 for the average ( not so special) or expensive seats …let’s think of the options……

    a few hour game seat vs. a month or two of rent or mortgage payments
    several months of groceries,
    a full AA degree or other educational training
    a significant portion of a new car purchase or a used car
    a new set of furniture

    It may be wise to use that money and time in a way that lasts longer than an afternoon

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