Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Isadore Hall finally has a viable opponent for Congress

  1. Got ambitious, perhaps a bit too much. And so it goes. Political maneuvering can’t touch effective action and follow through, no matter who you think you are. Perhaps he’ll consider running for another council seat since 4th District is now represented by a former school board has been. We need the quality here at home. If he’s willing to eat humble pie after this Congressional race is won by Barragan, a real committed representative of the people in H.B. Lessons are sometimes so hard to learn. Be great where you started, but if ego takes reign, be assured you’ll learn a hard lesson about campaign fundraising among the big leagues. Janice Hahn has distinguished herself as a former City Council rep and it will take a minute before she gets real juice in Congress but I think she has the right stuff based on her heritage as the, late Supervisor Kenny Hahn’s daughter who always was by her father’s side. James, the brother, was more like his mother, who stayed out of the public light during Kenny’s multiple terms as a member of the LACBOS. Laura Richardson was another lightweight who delayed our progress in Congress, succeeding Juanita Millender-McDonald who succumbed, unfortunately to cancer during her term in office. Some surmise it was the stress of her son’s legal issues after being indicted on charges related to corruption while in office and the legal fees for his defense that caused her demise. So if things go the way expected, no doubt, Hall will return to Compton to run eventually. Cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s” in any case. The Rod Wright debacle may have been orchestrated as was the 64th District stand down by a possible successor. Politics has been played in any case. We need real committed people in public office, not those who arrange things to suit their ambitions. The people deserve the best of the best, always. I’m sure he’s learned a lot while rising. But every pot has to sit on it’s own bottom eventually. How it goes…

    1. Isadore Hall used to have B2B networking breakfasts’ that stopped. The gospel concerts at the golf course stopped. Besides raising money and voting favorably and/or against issues that adversely affect black people, what has he positively contributed to the 64th district residents besides his gift of song?

      There’s plenty to complain about if you’re a resident of his district.


  2. Good to hear thar Isadore Hall has an opponent. The Isadore Hall at Compton City Council proactive and fought hard to make Compton a real nice city.

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