Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

3 thoughts on “Is LAX police chief’s campaign for Sheriff over

  1. Please read the interview !

    AND carefully consider those who think these actions are so unimportant they endorsed this guy….
    If ever there was a case for any/all gunshot involved reports should never be destroyed HERE IT IS.

    The words “TRIGGER HAPPY” come to mind – and then with regard to his response to say oh “no one died” like that makes it okay to put lead into another’s body! NO!! THAT IS NOT OKAY !!!!

    No rounds/bullets should EVER leave the barrel of a gun without knowing what they will penetrate !!!!!

    This guy on more than one occasion shot his fellow officers and still has a badge ? Who does he know? Does carelessness could be fatal/deadly come to anyone’s mind? Oh wait we know who his friend is the undersheriff convicted of obstructing justice!!! Guess there is no surprise after all.

    His is not a good track record! On one occasion the officer he wounded had changed a jacket and this guy did not notice the face of the man he shot was his fellow officer who he had just seen ? and in the other case he shot his supervisor in the back and shoulder !?

    And then he responds to the question about shootings he has been involved with they didn’t die.?!
    It is troubling that not only did he squeeze the trigger without knowing where the rounds would land but also he is dismissive about the injury his action caused !!!

    And those are BULLET Hitting Flesh INVOLVED INCIDENTS with injured officers that he dismissed does this suggest if it was non-officers that he shot he might be more caring? …..?

    We should vote for him to be in the Hall of Shame but not for a leadership role anywhere!

    Yes, that was NOT anywhere —- are you reading BOAC members ??
    Since we are on that job description…..
    Is there a pathetic pattern of LAX leadership personnel? Who does the background check on the people charged with greeting the millions of guests coming into or out of LAX? Should review standards be changed? How is it there are serious behavior/attitude issues that we know for at least three who have been in top leadership roles? Consider……

    James Butts administration discrimination suit of Kathleen Green
    Errol Southers use of confidential information for personal reasons about ex-wife and lying about it
    Cecil Rhambo dismissive attitude of his involvement in shootings resulting in injuries to others.

    ::::on a not so light note::::::::

    Caution deer or pheasant hunters: make sure Rhambo has solid plans to stay in the city limits!

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