Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Is the Inglewood City Manager on the Chopping Block

  1. The City Manager Mr. Fields earns a substantial salary from the City of Inglewood; however, we can reasonably assume that Mr. Fields has made his own calculations of the potential cost of signing certain department reports.

    Those calculations must have helped Mr. Fields to understand his current salary is not sufficient compensation to cover the potential future costs of signing these documents.

    Such potential future costs would include the time spent in mandatory depositions, court hearings, trial testimony, legal expenses, fines, fees and other payments to fulfill court judgements. Costs also include damage to his future employability and earning potential, decreased life expectancy due to anxiety and stress from involvement in high-profile litigation with the possibility of severe financial penalties and/or prison sentence.

    Mr. Fields, in my opinion, decidedly correctly that signing the documents and retaining his job with the city are not worth all of the potential costs.

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