Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Is the Black Lives Matter movement falling apart

  1. I’m not surprised it’s going bankrupt after no donations it’s a very violent movement that needs to be shut down the people they are protesting the deaths of were mostly armed people like Michael Brown I know you blacks would like to think he was unarmed he had a gun he was meant to get shot the moment he aimed that gun at a police officer same with Philandro Castille she was aiming a gun at a police officer just because he had a search warrant for her house guys get an education

  2. Falling apart?? Of course it’s falling apart – just as it was likely designed to do after the elections. Clearly, there is no coincidence as to how quickly it “grew” from issues that were LONG STANDING in the African American community. Clearly, it was a ploy by the powers that be to ensure that the GOP lost the elections. Meanwhile, have you seen the violence in Chicago lately? Do you think PD brutality has ceased? What exactly will Billary do after parading all those heart broken Mothers on the stage, now that she’s lost? Likely the same thing she did prior to: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    See you next election!!

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