Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Is Sen. Steve Bradford under investigation

  1. Really people, in his thirty some years in politics…why now🤷🏽‍♂️He is one of the last honest black men.
    Any who has worked for an elected official knows that a lot of bullshit comes with the job.

    1. It’s interesting to me that there is a subculture that exists around these ” politicians” that hold politicians to a totally different standard than they hold the general public.

      It’s not the politicians anymore , it’s the enablers. Nine out of ten time they have or willing to compromise their morals in pursuit of ” upward mobility” and don’t think rules should apply.

      So Steve Bradford or Inglewood Mayor James Butts possibly sexually harassing or assaulting their subordinates is considered ” perks” of the job

    1. Wow nothing screams this NEEDS FURTHER INVESTIGATION than the “back off” response.

      There would be no reason to fear responses of each employee -current or past – if there truly was an atmosphere of respect and safety.

      Additionally it is troubling that Erika Contreras does not believe we have a right to know if there are Vacancies. What is that about – we pay those salaries and if we are expected to pay for work done by those job descriptions why would it be so horrible to say there is no one currently employed to accomplish those tasks?

      Did anyone else catch the incredible insult in the job description?

      The High School Grad must have three years prior experience scheduling for a legislator !

      As if having worked for a CEO in corporate America, or as a travel agent juggling multiple trips a month, as a presentation expert, could not possibly be able to schedule meet and greets for campaign contributors……. hmmmmm that line alone makes the entirety of senate employees less than we should tolerate.

      Clearly this group thinks far too much of themselves and investigation re attitude and skill set is way past overdue.

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