Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

1 thought on “Is Inglewood home worth the $1 million + price tag

  1. Hmm 5 bedrooms could be parents, guest room, a 3 kids rooms and the possibility of driving to 3 different school districts (assuming those kids may need to learn Math and English skills) and the new Councilmember’s (former school board member) supported closure of the Warren Lane (former City Founder Daniel Freeman) Elementary school nearby occurs, and all the while paying for tremendous Inglewood Unified school bonds on top of the county 1% of appraised value.

    On the bright side Morningside Park homes do have an escape route from SoFI traffic via Van Ness and east bound Florence……until the apps catch up, and then, well, maybe the new owners will have to stay at home or away from home on game days like the rest of us tourist impacted.

    Since it is “only” a million maybe the people who come to the $10,000pp Super Bowl game will consider buying it as a winter vacation home / summer surf cottage, or maybe the city will buy it and raffle it off and the next new upcoming “administrative aide” to amazingly be the lucky drawn one.

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