Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Is Inglewood City Hall engaged in a racketeering conspiracy

  1. Three interesting questions are asked …

    1)Who made the decision?
    Please !? no one in city hall can answer the phone without the butt’s permission…..some are probably afraid to go the the bathroom without his approval . He controls every department with his threats. Don’t think so, look at What he did / said about the Treasurer who tried to tell the public the truth. He cut her off from her office staff, comment time and reduced her salary (That is going to cost US—- maybe Ballmer and Kroenke will bail him out of the mess like the Melanie Forum liefest

    2) Which of the four given truth would have done that which is right ??????
    Given their track record none of the above.!

    Artie owed Salinas money when he left there

    David was part of the Los Angeles Housing Authority misuse of funds

    Sharon was part of the West Basin Water District drama when landed Tyrone Smith in Jail

    Jimmie – really? The list of when he has decided to tell the truth is so much shorter than when he has chosen to amend or rearrange or hide the truth , Basic lowlights of falsehoods include

    Address on first attempt to run for mayor
    Miranda warning does not need be adhered to
    Council meetings are copyrighted
    A tech company is moving to 104th and Prairie
    …….And the all so why on earth would anyone believe him
    the stadium won’t cause anymore traffic, and
    The stadium project will use no public money

    3) Is the administration engaged in racketeering???
    Of course not, just like the Al Capone friends were charming, sweet, church deacons who spread love and goodwill….they are simply misunderstood. How is it so many misunderstood that Capone’s men were only doing their best to help the economy by providing work for the local funeral parlors.

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