Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

11 thoughts on “Ironworker identified as 2nd death at SoFi Stadium

  1. RIP Simon

    I don’t see how building this stadium is “essential” at a time like this. What precautions, if any, were put in place to maintain social distancing and to keep this brotha from contracting Covid?

    MY prayers to his wife.. I would be devastated!

  2. @2Urbangirls SOFI construction workers were NOT the only ones who continued to work during the pandemic.

    Construction workers all throughout LA county worked on projects during the Stay At Home Orders.

    Some people actually like to work, make money and have no complaints.

    To imply Mayor Butts MADE the construction workers come to work is false and unfair.

    He did no such thing. He simply provided the option for union workers to keep doing their jobs, which is what a GOOD CITY LEADER does.

      1. EXACTLY!

        That’s why people were still working at grocery stores, restaurants, Target, Walmart, post offices, UPS, FedEX, Amazon, etc.

        You get the point.

        1. Essential = necessary,

          YOU MAKE A GOOD POINT clearly we all know that watching men play with a ball is as important as the ability to purchase food, toiletries and medicine (in-person or on-line)!!

          In fact building the stadium during this pandemic is right up there in the necessary column with having a pyramid built . Records indicate there were many of the less significant who died during construction of those ancient structures built to honor the Local ruler.
          Getting real….
          Hopefully there are many who enjoy their jobs, fortunately some have come to understand there is more to life than going to work -to earn money-to buy food-to have strength to go to work-to earn money-to buy food -to have strength, to go to work…

          Some jobs are necessary (essential) to keep community members alive while other jobs are simply about entertainment.

          Let’s keep perspective,
          as we sit before our many video screens let us be GRATEFUL TO THE ESSENTIAL WORKERS none of us can live without. Those often forgotten unseen workers who pick our fruits, and vegetables, butcher our animal proteins and truckers them to our grocer …And let us also remember even our Medical Professionals are teleconferencing with patients except when they must interact to save lives.
          Risking ones life to make money to be spent at the cemetery seems so ….short sighted?….counter productive.?….you in the fill the blank __________________

        2. Not really Teena. You understand that construction workers at this site contracted COVID. Not many safety standards in place when you get nine workers minimum who get sick. You get the point.

            1. If he wasn’t high as F on cocaine he wouldn’t have died so why don’t you speak on that instead of blaming everyone else @2urbangirls ?

              1. That fact was shared once we received the autopsy report. It was discussed in our Facebook group: Eye Witness News in Inglewood.

                It’s too bad he was on the job for not even a week and died because of a bad habit.

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