Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood’s State Audit reveals the city is giving away taxpayer money with no oversight

  1. Apparently the council members did not know the State Controllers office is not about air traffic…. and no city funds are not the personal cookie jar for favorite people and projects

    The people of California actually VOTE for a Ca Controller to provide GOVERMENT ACCOUNTABILITY AND OPEN RECORDS.
    The controller ‘s authority is in the state constitution and is for the purpose of ensuring state and LOCAL government spending is free of waste and abuse. The controller has the authority to deny payments of funds .

    See the website at :

  2. Damn, I thought this audit was the audit that would bring them down Urbangirls. Damn. #fakenews

  3. Interesting that they still haven’t posted this meeting on their YouTube channel. As I watched it live it was clear the questions asked of Kioke were specifically designed to get Butts’ side of the story. It would have been fair to have Wanda Brown there to also ask some questions.

  4. I can contracted by the Inglewood transportation department and took seniors to the old senior center. The told me that ever year there were contractors being paid to draw up plans for the new center and and money was allocated for this purpose but nothing ever came of it and the money would disappear. I wonder where that money went? Probably to contractor friends why did little to nothing to pretend to make plans for the new facility and got a fat check but never did the work. Maybe you can find out if money was allocated for the canter and why it wasn’t getting built and where the money went. 🤔

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