Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Inglewood’s Parking and Traffic Commission had no input on citywide parking permit program

  1. What did this man grow up without a car or television?

    The city didn’t begin with garages – horses have barns and big wagons for hauling groceries and grain from Los Angeles.

    By the time the earthquake hit George Sutton had a Ford Dealership on Market Street.

    By the 1940’s most new houses had TWO CAR garages big enough for cars much larger than the economy models we drive today (16 feet long by 6 feet across).

    By the early 1950’s East Acres- think east of Crenshaw- and south of Century Inglewood’s new homeowners had bought into “see the USA in your Chevrolet” and often had long driveways since the teen cars were fixer uppers of the hot rod era.

    Even the apartments west of the freeway had carports sufficient for two cars per unit !

    It was not until this administration that variances have been granted to permit apartments and condos with only one parking space see agenda items addressing building code changes.

    Yes Jimmy and his pals created the traffic problem and want cast blame!
    …. just like they say the Treasurer Lies when faced with the truth

  2. Let’s just think about that first sentence

    “This program was put together so fast there was no committee”

    Let that sink in

    Something that impacts most of the 100,000 residents ……and our elected doesn’t take time to consider the impacts on the people who pay his salary, provide his health insurance, pension or who are stuck with him recklessly driving our car…..and he can’t take time.

    In fact he hasn’t even pretended to care that the commissioners are supposed to hear resident concerns before they rubber stamp staffs recommendations.

    Wow notice these names and their faces appear as supporting anything Jimmie has agreed to give the Billionaires.

    Perhaps the business cards should read silent doormat instead of traffic commissioner

  3. OMG Really This man can not tell the truth no matter how many people across the globe can see that he is LYING.

    Aerospace workers often came home from work picked up their kids and a few neighbor kids and head for the race track to catch a few races….IT WAS NOT MORNING

    Anyone with internet capabilities can go on line anytime of the day and watch a few “finishes” of the HOLLYWOOD PARK NIGHT HARNESS RACES.

    Anyone associate with this LIAR must be just as unethical and immoral as he is.

    Frightening isn’t it that Santa Monica gave this LIAR a badge and a gun isn’t ?

    And sadder still his fan club led by the City Council and supporting “ministers” prove everyday they live that the truth is not in them either.

    Anyone ever wonder how many are in jail, injured or dead due to his actions?

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