Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood’s alleged “corruption” and eminent domain dominates city council candidates forum

  1. You need to let us knowvwhats going on! Are we going to have a place to live or sew we going to get kicked out over the Clippers or whatever!We live on the 3700 block of Weat 104 th.

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding the confusion -The City Municipal Code ,of which each item must go through the City Attorneys Office, clearly states employees must resign before running for elected office is not a addressed in the FIRST AMENDMENT which is about speech NOT THE RIGHT TO RUN FOR ELECTED OFFICE.
    And then there is that response regarding eminent domain , as a mid level civil service employee today Thompson is not / will not “play a role in decisions “ made by the council. That is a job description response but not responsive to what she believes.
    With regard to what the clerk’s office does require -Perhaps it would be interesting to have her address the destruction of public records which her office is charged with safeguarding! Would she have done what the Mayor wanted her to or what the public has a right expect. As a “want to be Department head” supervising others, did she choose to elaborate on how she would better serve the public in that position or will she embrace and serve as a leader of the “IT AIN’T MY JOB” mentality for her entire Department.
    The recently enacted rules document regarding actual speech limitations when addressing the City Council was typed /or a least photocopied by the clerks office. That the public heard no objection from this employee re their free speech seems that running now screaming free speech is more about Employee Thompson being only interested in HER OWN potential payroll security and bonuses rather than ensuring the public right to free speech and the careful maintaining of correct and accurate public records which include what the public actually states when addressing the City Council.
    Was this the same employee who so feared interacting with the public a security buzzer is required to enter the since 1970 open counter area?
    As for Being unaware of corruption …..she may have been the top student at the Helen Keller Occupational Center….her teachers should be proud.

    1. Well as for the reason why the City Clerk office is locked and you have to be buzzed in the narrative that is being pushed is that I was the cause of it or at least part of the reason.

      Ask Aishia why

  3. I feel it was an unfortunate choice of words to ask about “defunding” the police. The term is outdated and apparently resulted in responses from the candidates that were of little use. For months, those seeking law enforcement reform have explained that what is sought is not to spiteful take resources from police departments and ask them to perform the same duties. but to RELIEVE police departments from handling, or at least taking the lead in, events that they are not even close to being trained for and should not, for everyone’s sake, be expected to do. just for instance, police officers are not trained to handle a crisis where the subject has severe mental health issues, which has led to police shootings of both innocent participants and killings of the mentally ill individual. “Funding” that had gone to just hiring more police to poorly handle any and all events they are not trained to handle, should be diverted to hiring actual professionals in the necessary fields, who are supported if necessary by officers. More mental health professionals, suicide counselors. social workers, youth counselors, etc. provide a better response in many cases and tend not to escalate a minor issue to a deadly issue.

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