Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

19 thoughts on “Inglewood Wells Fargo branch customer robbed at gunpoint

  1. This is U S A/ Inglewood is a good example/ Kronke/Ballmer can not vote/ a republic form of government is elected by we the people to represent us/this council was elected by the people of Inglewood who voted and now deal with it/ Kronke/Ballmer do not live in Inglewood/so they buy elections and then to get elected u must dance like Bojangles/*Inglewood residents have never been / politically astute/ polite for being damn fools over the years/ Inglewood will thrive however it will be painful to many residents/

  2. Well fargo thieve working doing inside jobs they been giving you. thieves hardly any time in jail for your wrong doing “You should get the electrical chair for stealing peoples money , My money been missing since 2007 from Well Fargo Bank $90,387.00. Truely i disrespectful. Lavonda Dillon

    1. Wow Lavonda Dillon,I feel for you.I had a bad experience with a
      a bank.I been dealing with pre paid Bank Cards only.I hope God blesses you and gives you a blessing bigger than you can consume.I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. So now what were going to blame the politicians & Mayor Butts because someone got robbed in Inglewood .. Through mayor Butts career he has done the upmost in policing crimes. So sorry for the robbery yet the parents of the robber. robbers dope dealers & others didnt teach their kids about education hard work & responsibility.. Can well keep politicians out of baby sitting other people children. Then again neighbors see things that are going on that needs policing yet the majority never says anything. So there were no description of the robbery. Huh Exactly i get it no one wants to get involved. To the Victim & you the robber. Prayers towards recovery.

  4. This is a tragedy as an Inglewood resident this isNOT acceptable. One thing for sure Butts and Franklin aren’t doing anything. Thanks for the info

  5. Butts is too busy having affairs spending, IPD are to busy at 7Eleven doing nothing but hanging out for hours .. way to go

  6. Two stadiums being built in Inglewood at a cost of 10 billion @this is what the residents are continue to experience? The mayor and police force need to step up. Inglewood is still a too high CRIME CITY!!!

  7. Inglewood is supposed to be improving with the new 5 billion dollar stadium built followed by another 3 billion for a basketball stadium. Yet Inglewood remains the same ol unsafe place to reside. The mayor and police force better get on this by the time olympics and Superbowl arrive. No one will want to walk these unsafe streets. Residents deserve better

  8. I live literally right up the street from this Wells Fargo. When using ATMs in this area, I go either early in the morning, or I use the indoor Chase ATM across the street, I see the lurkers on this block daily. Better to pay that extra 3 dollar fee than get killed.

  9. I have been a homeowner in Inglewood for 36 years and living 2 1/2 blocks away from this Wells Fargo branch. You have permission to use my name in your dereliction of duty complaint against Councilman Franklin.

    1. When information like this is imparted to the councilman he is right on it. I am confident that he is gathering information on the incidents to make sure he has the correct facts before he informs his residents. He has served our district well.

      1. Franklin didn’t have the decency to tell residents he wasn’t running for re-election. This is the same man using the police to go after I’ve cream trucks and residents who live in motels. It’s beyond time for him to go.

      2. Correction Franklin has SERVED BUTTS well without the slightest regard for the residents !! Residents have been left unaware of the GREAT BUTTS PLAN much less been able to participate in deciding our communities future! Franklin didn’t speak up when His Beloved leader told a resident “to go choke yourself” Franklin kept his mouth shut when Dictator Butts chose to sue a resident over copyright of public information! Franklin kept his mouth shut when he saw Butts reward his GIRLFRIEND who is seeing US for 12 million . If this is “serving well” you will enjoy the crime, the traffic, the poor air quality, basically the life of a third world country where only the upperclass Billionaires are entitled to safety courtesy and freedom of speech.

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