Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Inglewood Unified pulls controversial board agenda item

  1. They are all in it together which is why EVERY ONE OF THEM needs to be voted out. The corruption in our city is so blatant and disgustingly shameless. I think I will start a “Family Tree” for all these politicians to see where the branches lead. So corrupt.

  2. I appreciate this enlighten and thorough fact finding. Inglewood Unified has also collapsed several schools and now wants to close Warrren Lane Elementary to tear down and build affordable housing in the middle of a single family residential neighborhood. The neighbors just discovered that bit of news last week. This District still has poor management even after the State took over. That particular site above looks like part of Morningside high school. I can see the baseball field and tennis courts. Seems like the District reduced the students’ ability to exercise and develop sporting talents. Why hasn’t Major Butts stepped in to provide funds garnered from the Rams and future Clippers stadium. Isn’t the education of our youth vital? The City of Inglewood owns many vacant lots. Ms Burke or anyone can buy one of those and build the needed homes. Overhaul, not dismantle and rip-apart our schools. Create a Blue-Ribbon District. How can city officials feel satisfied with a failing education system? To hail billion dollar sporting arenas while simutaneously forsaking the investment in public education is selfish and shameful. It’s not too late to uplift our voices and demand officials make righteous choices for our children.

      1. Everyone should post this article, and others on their Nextdoor pages. More residents need to be aware of this corruption.

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