Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

7 thoughts on “Inglewood Unified administrator files restraining order against community activist

  1. Thats what she fuccin gets bitch scared of her uglyass face getting crossed out on a poster, she should be crossed out yhat job position her stupidass in…..dont be scared now bitch you and bitchass perez walk around the district swinging yall weak ass sword and then when ppl swing bacc on you racist asshomes now you wanna run to the cops….

    Thats good for your snakeass!!!!!!!

  2. I wish the Mayor well with his recovery. However, this was a surprise and they certainly kept it under wraps. It also begs the question-why wasn’t he taken to the supposedly world class, Centinela Hospital which is10 mins or less from his office? Maybe because he knows better. Inglewood residents have complained about the over all poor quality of that hospital for years. Only falling on deaf ears. But the mayor seemed to hear enough-not to let it be his first choice when receiving medical care.

  3. Interesting claim by the attorney firm which WE PAY SO DEARLY, that the school district operated by Ms Torres, which FAILED to include the community of HER PLANS to close the former Daniel Freeman (now called Warren Lane Elementary School) supports first amendment rights and community participation. She has functioned without genuine outreach to those impacted and the “board members” insulted community members who attempted to call-in to public meetings with their concerns…

    Basically to say IUSD encourages participation and first amendment rights is less than truthful.

    If Ms Torres is afraid of a symbol commonly used as part of traffic management (as in no left turn), she has no business receiving a payroll check from IUSD or being in charge of our finances. Unfortunately it was La Tonya Kirk-Carter who first declared her fear of being in our school district and entered into the long term CHP protection contract which Dr Brann inherited when he replaced her.

    HOW UNFORTUNATE that IUSD has recently had administrative persons who are more interested in their personal political advancement or social media attention than ensuring our students learn the basic skill sets reading, writing, math, history and science which they will need for gainful employment.

    The mayor should not be defending billionaires who arrived at his door with campaign dollars who propose to suck dollars out of non-residents at Inglewood resident expense.

    Somehow to ask those who qualify for free and reduced lunches to pity poor Billionaire Kroenke and his Walmart heir family fortune because the personnel shrine he built to honor himself costs more than he thought Is a pathetic concept.

    Likewise Phillips suggestion that Inglewood residents be grateful for being allowed in the public space called shopping centers is likewise ridiculous especially when 4 acres of that site was supposed to be reserved for the new police station when voters permitted 24 hour casino operations.

    Let us not forget BUTTS HAD THE STADIUM PETITION DESTROYED so he could continue to lie that residents wanted the stadium rather than the RIGHT TO VOTE “IF” we wanted a stadium as we did when KROENKE first proposed a mega WALMART shopping center on that site .

    Thank you for connecting the Dotson family employment dots .

  4. Under what grounds was this Restraining Order granted! Mr.Morris hung posters. He was not stalking her, or sitting outside her house.

    1. So how did police get involved ?
      Over a poster?

      Perhaps Ms Torres is spending too much time with our city dictator or maybe it is that pesky geography thing ….. Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, China ….maybe She forgot Inglewood at one time was part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…where free speech includes expressions as revolting as burning the United States Flag which represents that treasured First Amendment. Note even that action is legal .

      Her statement said the poster made her feel a “threat for my life” ….really get a grip honey it means “ don’t”, as in “don’t turn”, “don’t enter”, “don’t vote for”, “don’t smoke”…..

      Really ? Is she kidding ?
      She didn’t mention anything else in her written statement!
      If she was indeed in fear certainly it was for something else….or did she just want to silence a critic….?

      With a $100,00.00 salary/benefit increase over her prior job to a $280,000.00 per year compensation package she should have known a real job isn’t always a strawberry-peppermint joy fest, where everyone loves you…
      As a feminist who fought for who to be accepted in “real jobs” I am insulted that she took this path…..if you want a woman’s pay don’t cry like a three year old with her bloomers ruffled because “he doesn’t like me!” (Before anyone gets annoyed with that image remember she didn’t have an issue with the “Monkey” insult )

      IF THIS was considered a threat…. then why weren’t the Mayor’s friends arrested when they loudly publicly on microphone threatened to do physical harm in council chambers on tape to community members who expressed their concerns at council meetings.? ?

      Let us hope she doesn’t follow the Insecure mayor’s lead and hire body guards, and a security firm …Our Children deserve much better.

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