Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood treasurer’s report questions “special” payroll run despite city’s budget deficit

  1. Melinda please don’t hold your breath remember the Pulitzer Prize story regarding school district superintendent/ former Inglewood CouncilmemberJose Fernandez —yep arrested in 2012. and yet STILL HAS NOT GONE TO TRIAL!!! Yep and statue of limitations have run out on some charges !!!!!!! really !!! Members of DA office should beheld liable for the delay and dismissing charges !!!!!!!!
    With Jackie Lacey in control crooked officials seem to have had a nice worry free pass to cheat lie and steal as much as they could, !
    Let us pray her replacement cares about taxpayer dollars being used for tax payer benefit.

  2. Amazing the similarities between Compton and Inglewood. Compton still runs under a deficit, it also relies heavily upon outside attorneys, its legal fees and lawsuit losses are enormous, we have also been cited by the State Controller Betty Yee about fiscal mismanagement, regulatory agencies have also cited the city for noncompliance, our true financial state and reports are in question, consultants and their costs are the mainstay of an administration doing an end-run around staff, millions in revenue has come in and disappeared into thin air with no significant visible city improvement, city executives and cronies always managed to get paid handsomely while the entire parks and recreation department employees and union jobs were let free, and both cities are run by egotistical leadership that’s out of step with the priorities of the people while internal games are being played to maintain power and cover up malfeasance. Question: Can we get Wanda Brown to run the same report for Compton or run for office here in Compton as the “slippery serpents having slithered slither on” even here.

  3. When is the district attorney’s office going to finally press charges against Butt’s and other crooked officials in Inglewood city hall??

    1. Inglewood has always been the most corrupt city west of the Mississippi and remains today/stay tuned

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