Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

4 thoughts on “Inglewood treasurer thanks the community for their support

  1. We need to stand up as adults. Silence is betrayal. We have witnessed Butts bully his way around laws, pimp the city as a corporate whore, disenfranchise the citizens, and play the community for a fool. All that remains is will we continue to sell Inglewood’s Soul to the devil. The city is the financial cash cow of the billionaire boys club stadium strippers. Inglewood we won’t reap the benefits, we are raped for the benefit of outsiders. $240 million bond for schools that our children won’t benefit, and now another ploy to take more from us. A fiscal emergency despite all promises to the contrary from mayor multiple assess (Butts), warnings from the treasurer ignored, city coward council, business as usual. Everybody plays the fool sometime, but we seem to play it all the time. Can’t look the other way anymore. It’s time to stop Inglewood’s top whore.

  2. Mayor Butts is so disrespectful, and his game is over…when the Feds come Butts and former Compton mayor Aja Brown will on the bus to Sighn Sighn .
    It’s time to get rid of these crooks.
    Ms. Wanda keep telling the truth… you’re not alone!

  3. Anyone who believes Butts must also believe the Easter Bunny lays colorful eggs.

    He said Miranda Warnings are not required – Santa Monica paid big bucks in atty fees behind that falsehood settled at the US Supreme Court

    He said Public Council Meetings are copyright protected making Inglewood the laugh stalk in free speech circles and paying attorney fees for both sides when the Judge decided Public meetings can not be copyrighted

    He claimed he never said “Go choke yourself, Diane” at a Council Meeting and the tape recording proved he did.

    He claimed there would be no public money spent for the stadium and entered an $ 8 million contract for police services. ( $ 8 mill isn’t Chicken feed)

    He claimed his “admin assistant” was well qualified and raised her salary to a cost to Inglewood of close to a half million a year then claimed she was incompetent. Really what made charging taxpayers over $400,000.00 for an unqualified girlfriend services an okay thing to do ?

    He hired the disgraced David Esparza after the Los Angles Wendy Gruel Housing Audit found him among those who spent housing money on lavish lunches.

    All these are documented …. and the other council members go along .

    Thank you Ms Brown for serving in the community’s best interest unlike the other elected.

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