Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

9 thoughts on “Inglewood treasurer outlines issues with mayor’s attempt to control city finances

  1. she needs to go lay down and rest. she did a piss poor job investing. sorry to say.

    1. Operating fund dollars are separate from investment dollars.
      It is David Esparza, who as the Chief Financial Officer, should be caring for how taxpayer dollars are SPENT. But let us be real, he was hired by the Butts administration after becoming unemployed when his role in mismanagement was discovered while he was part of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles . (See KCET expose where’s the money – government gone wild.) Perhaps Bagga Man does not understand that “city investing” by elected treasurers is restricted since the Orange County 1994 financial drama, Meanwhile, the frivolous spending on pay-to-play-contracts and family/friend employment/and bonuses is under the responsibility of City Manager Fields, CFO Esparza, and the elected Council members …Aka James Butts and “his loyal aye men.”
      Our gratitude and compassion (rather than insults) should be surrounding Dr Brown as she faces the medical challenges before her.
      Let’s hope she can get some rest, dealing with the the ignorant(s) around her can be so draining.

  2. Inglewood has been cooking the books for years/all Bell crooks came to Inglewood even auditors /BUTTS knew/Fields is controlled/ Padilla/Dotson elections bought by BUTTS loans/3 votes control council/waste fraud thru redevelopment agency has been rampant/ RICO/FBI/STATE CONTROLLER WILL HAVE INVESTIGATION// POLITICS IN INGLEWOOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN A B;;;; RESIDENTS LOVE SINGIN/DANCIN/BLOCK PARTIES/PARTA OVA HERE AND DERE/AND NOT LISTENING/ALL DIS HAPPENED/ NOW WAT U GONNA DO? PARTA WIT FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL OR WAKE UP AND DEMAND MUTUAL BENEFITS? GAME OVER?

  3. kudos to Mrs.Brown.For speaking up and letting the tax payers know what the future looks like if we just let mayor butts have control. I believe that we need to support mrs .brown and have mayor butts investigated by a private agency and take it from there. TRANSPARENCY …..!

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