Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Inglewood treasurer continues crusade against city manager and mayor

  1. Thank you for getting the word out 2urbangirls! More people need to get on board. The corruption runs deep. We can’t even post comments to your thread on local FB and Nextdoor pages without having them reviewed by “moderators”. They are all in the pockets of elected officials.

  2. We had a Zoom meeting today to stop the closure of our school Warren Lane, 200 people on the call and Inglewood unified said we don’t really matter cause they are closing it anyway. Tomorrow they vote to hive a 35 year lease to a campaign donor for Autumn Burke.

  3. Shame! How much longer can we put up with the rape and pillage of our city by these clowns? Wake up, Inglewood. Corruption everywhere.

    Meetings held during the day when people can’t attend. Bad phone numbers given out and public comments not read out loud? What other city operates like this??? None.

    No more excuses putting up with these cronies and their enablers!

    1. You’ll continue to put up with it UNTIL the newly arriving white residents ( some children and grand children of whites who fled the city in the late 60s and early 70s to avoid being neighbors with blacks and latinX people) decide Mayor Butts is too corrupt and demand action against him. The ironic part is that Butts is more concerned about those new arrivals as residents and wants their tax dollars and is developing the city for their comfort at the EXPENSE of long time black and Latino residents as well as small business owners

  4. Need more publicity
    Door to door
    How can I support this cause?
    If telephone numbers are wrong
    What do Inglewood residents do?
    When? Where?

  5. I am so tired of the Mayor and his cronies adding to our tax bills for no essentials. We need to vote him out of office. Oh where can there be an honest person to run local government?

    1. It was that way under Mayor Vincent and Mayor Dorn- but Inglewood residents are more concerned with ” voting black” ( or Latino) and not voting competent and honest

      1. So how do you really know who’s competent and honest? So the white candidate will come in and automatically they’ll be honest and competent? Maybe a Filipino or Japanese person? We roll the dice everytime. I told my peoples Butts was no good.

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