Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

8 thoughts on “Inglewood treasurer calls for federal investigation of alleged misappropriation of funds

  1. Sounds like Teena’s on the take, too.

    “Who in their right mind finishes chemotherapy and takes time to write a letter like this?”….well, clearly someone who cares enough to do so. Why would anyone who hasn’t done anything wrong fear an investigation?

    Sunlight is a great disinfectant. You keep shining your light, Wanda. We are 100% behind you.

  2. Wanda has cancer and she is definitely a cancer at City Hall.

    This woman should be recalled!

    She makes her colleagues uncomfortable by talking about and worrying about other people’s salaries and their benefits.

    The mayor has done a lot of good for the city. Property values have gone up, crime has gone down and the Rams, Chargers, Clippers, Girl Scouts and LA Philharmonic’s Youth Orchestra are moving in.

    Since Wanda is calling for an investigation, maybe she should be investigated for illegally recording people, which is a felony in California.

    And who in their right mind finishes chemotherapy and takes time to write a letter like this?

    Wanda is cray-cray and she should spend her time worrying about her own health and not the benefits other people are receiving.

    1. so you’re saying the mayor and council should be able to give themselves raises and spend money how they see fit because of what’s going on in the city? isn’t that what they were elected to do? if they want extra perks and bonuses they should take their talents to the private sector however they wouldn’t get away with any of the shit they pull in Inglewood.

      1. Definitely not on the take. Definitely not mentally challenged and definitely not being paid by the mayor.

        I do NOT know the mayor, city manager, any city council members or anyone who works at Inglewood City Hall.

        But after reading several 2urbangirls articles about Wanda, in my opinion, she seems like a very vindictive woman and a woman who is making who coworkers uncomfortable by asking them personal questions about what benefits they receive and they never answer her questions.

        1. It’s not a personal question when public money is being used to pay said benefits.

          When you post the mayors speech “NFL, Clippers, Girls Scouts, blah, blah, blah” sounds like him. #GroundhogsDay

          My only issue is I wish she had spoke up sooner.


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