Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

1 thought on “Inglewood to hold multiple Public Hearings to amend city’s General Plan

  1. The proposed changes to the general plan are exactly what the rich-out-of-town campaign contributors put the council in place to do-Destroy the community of Inglewood for THEIR personal enrichment. The four overpaid aye men will vote as they always do..without regard for their neighbors in an effort to please THE DECISION CZAR. With a 400% density increase here and a 800% density increase there no one should notice the 1380% increase over there. Like the frog in boiling water, or the lambs following “their leader” to slaughter, Inglewood residents may one day wake up and notice while they kept their voices silent their “quarters” have been made smaller, the shading magnolias have been removed , and their investment in the American dream has transformed to live as a sardine. The winners here are developers who use our tax money to buy their large estates for their families and the realtors who claim higher property value is the important thing , ( yes to them since their commissions are higher) The losers are individual residents who want their children to enjoy the promise of democracy rather than dictatorship, in a safe, stable, house with a piece of grass , fresh air, and limited traffic in a neighborhood where lifetime friendships flourish.
    This recent pandemic should have taught everyone an important lesson Personal Space shouldn’t be a luxury only for billionaires and millionaires, it is important for all, even the residents of Inglewood. See what “Playa Vista- esk.” plans these four have approved at “urbanize LA” or get the details at “the arroyo group” > (enjoy the pretty renderings-you paid for those pretty pics)
    Tell your council member his aye or yes today will be your vote for someone else in November.
    When do you think the letters over one Manchester will be changed to “The New Chavez Ravine” or “Welcome to Tara” ?

    Not a sardine

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