Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Inglewood Teachers Association wants you to know…

  1. I first thought, “Wow!” when I read your article, then thought, “Wait a minute!” The teachers are not talking about Dr. Don Brann, but about the administrators at Inglewood High School and I couldn’t agree more! I will never send or encourage another family member to send our children to Inglewood High School or City Honors until the principal and vice principal situation is corrected. The administration at IHS is horrible! Ms. Brown should NEVER come back because there were too many things going on at City Honors that were UNACCEPTABLE.

    I know what the teachers are going through at IHS because I’ve heard about it for many many years and complained about it myself, but nothing changes.

    As parents, we need to support our teachers because they seem to be the only ones who care about our children.

    I don’t know about the case you mentioned, but I will look it up. I for one support teachers and many of us parents in Inglewood support teachers.

    While we follow your site, we have noticed it has become more and more meanspirited when you talk about teachers.

    I assume you are a teacher because you have this letter, so I am saddened your lack of respect for your profession. Please, let’s stop making up things or read things carefully before we speak on them publicly.

    I hope you hear our concerns (I was asked to respond) because we do like reading your blog.

    Hope you had awonderfuul 4th of July.

    1. My issues with teachers are a direct result with my experience with the ones specifically at Monroe Magnet Middle School.

      The 8th grade magnet English teacher was allowed to call my son out of his name, and when we asked for a parent conference, she declined unless she was allowed to have union representation and the principal obliged her.

      My child has a 3.2 GPA but wasn’t allowed to participate in promotion activities because of citizenship grades. How does a child earn an “A” and “U” in the same class? Are our teacher presenting challenging curriculum?

      Students with less than a 2.0 and/or suspension are allowed to participate? This occurred with students at both Crozier and Monroe.

      Teachers are unhappy and it shouldn’t transfer to the students citizenship grades to lower their self-esteem.

      The former 6th grade magnet teacher, was allowed to call out of class, for 90% of the school year, but since she was the union VP, she was regularly seen at after hours meetings despite not being in the class that day.

      As a former IUSD student myself, I fully support good teachers who are there to foster a healthy, positive learning environment. All teachers don’t do that successfully.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s appreciated.

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