Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Inglewood setting stage to tax property owners for the Clippers arena project

  1. The Mayor of Hollywood Park is proud of saying “the only thing that has changed in Inglewood is everything “ what that means to residents is that while the prior mayors understood their responsibility was to the people of the community, James Butts appears to believe the people of Inglewood should never be considered because his responsibility is to the Billionaires that bought his election for him ! (And through the campaign loans likewise purchased the other for council members )
    Has anyone noticed the City website – the photos are mostly of Sports Teams, their Logos and the Space Shuttle !!! Surprise those player owners are not residents- their children are not in our schools, we won’t run into their wives at the grocery store.

    Yes those he throws crumbs to have spoken in favor of the plans he has to turn us into CHAVEZ RAVINE II, but how is it our services are limited and except for the ladies – (correction females) – willing to please him, and the executive managers the worker bee staff don’t know how secure their employment is!!

    Let’s make sure the billionaires pay for their customers to get to their facility.


  2. It’s time for Mayor Butts to go! He obviously doesn’t have the hard working Inglewood tax payers at heart! His heart is with multi billionaires who could afford this project, a project that will billionaire owners!

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