Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Inglewood sets Public Hearing related to COVID-19 Rent Relief Funds

  1. This sounds a lot like the “National Search” outreach conducted for one of those newly created staff positions. Human Resources Posts the opening on the web for one day with applications due by closing the following day.
    How pray tell did City Manager Artie Fields and The “Housing Department “ think they could possibly reach the entire city of rental households in 9 days especially when City hall was closed at least two if not three of those days?
    Given the friend /family job creations and low interest half price home lottery let’s think about the possibilities… Chances are many of the 275 (oops 248) are somehow a part of or related to the mayor’s special set of friends or former Santa Monica Employees and their family or perhaps those constantly praising him types who own property, and wouldn’t it be convenient if they hand delivered the applications to their tenants to make certain the friends and family club would get their back rent direct from taxpayers – (reminder here: HUD and CBDG funds come from the Federal Budget which gets its money from U.S. taxpayers so when you complain about high Federal taxes remember this is one way the taxes are spent.)

    If we were talking LA Housing Authority during the time David Esparza was there we might find a receipts for very expensive lunches with wine among “overhead expenses” …

    In round numbers that looks like 275 (staff report) minus – 248 (Mayor spoke of) households =27 (not explained as unqualified) rental units times -oh let’s make it easy and use $ 1,000 per month for 3 months…..27 times $3,000= $ 81,000 not explained BUT WAIT is the rent per household on average only $1,000 per month ? If the average is $1,500. for 3 months that would be $4,500 times 27 =$ 121,500.00 . So was that a really nice wine? or what? Where will that/has that money been used for?

    Maybe those in charge didn’t think we learned how to solve math word problems-maybe this is why some think it is not important to teach algebra in high school—-what was it that Midas said to granny “the better to steal from you my dear “? oh wait! That was the wolf , So sorry Midas was the one who said everything he touched turned to Gold . Lunch can be such a challenge when self serving crashes into reality ….even a lavish lunch isn’t quite as expected..glittery but hard to swallow.
    Who knew those fairy tales and fables taught principles of life about those living in our midst… Hey kings men when Humpy Falls…….or is it the cradle that falls a down will come baby -cradle and all.?

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