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34 thoughts on “Inglewood set to hire appraiser to start possible eminent domain action to appease Steve Ballmer

  1. Can they make people give up their homes? My mom has lived and owns her home for 40+ years. It was her wedding gift from my now deceased father this is shameful what he is doing.


  2. It is more than disgusting that we continue to be told “no public money will be used.” This contract reflects that PUBLIC TAXPAYER MONEY IS BEING USED . In fact any dollars that are voted on by the Mayor and his merry band of Liars is Taxpayer Money.!
    Dollars which make their way to the city from the state or the federal budget are also tax dollars. Just as the gas tax funds used to put in the new enhancements for all major roads leading to the stadium (while residential streets continue without pothole repair) come from that tax on every gallon of gas you buy at Shell, Arco. or Mobil.

    We Know OUR ELECTED LIE some wonder if they are capable of TRUTH.

    What is truly pathetic is it that Ballmer, who Forbes Magazine estimates to have a net worth of $ 52 Billion and who just paid $400 million for the parcels leased to Madison Square Gardens (before the Big Lie of the Tech Park) and the Forum to settle the lawsuit in which we discover Butts used a private email to conduct city business, apparently is UNWILLING TO PAY for the parcels himself. …..He thinks we should pay to make his dream come true.
    Yep Eminent Domain dollars are OUR TAX DOLLARS being used for the consulting firms and the legal teams to give the current property owners as little as possible rather than let BALLMER spend his own dollars to buy the property he wants to build on. Those tax dollars being spent for his benefit should be used to benefit INGLEWOOD RESIDENTS …yes the People who live here the same ones that Butts has ignored, discounted, devalued called names, and now disallows in City Hall, but wants praise and votes from.
    Oh yes, how many remember the LIE about the NEED to acquire the now empty city owned parcels for the NEW POLICE STATION ……wasn’t that about the same time we were told a 24 hour casino would solve the cities financial woes…?..Hmm..?
    Ya gotta wonder don’t ya ?
    With a combined net worth of $ 62 Billion (Not Including Walmart Wife Dollars) why Kroenke and Ballmer expect the people, whose children qualify for free lunches even with out Covid-19, to pay for the 1.6 mile people mover for their fans to get to their venues. Could it be the BUTTS fans and devotees believe we owe the billionaires even more than they have already cost us?
    By the way what happened to the promise to allow the Rodeway Family special consideration to maintain their business. Is that yet another lie made to a family who has lived on site for many years?
    Keep in mind several business have made proposals for businesses on the vacant parcels but surprise they were denied…Could it be they didn’t understand the campaign contribution was an essential part of having a business in Inglewood?

    1. The agreement between the city and Ballmer does allow for a third party to build a hotel then give back to the Patels (Rodeway) however most people haven’t read the agreement. It’s shameful how Butts continue to lie in our face.

      1. Take a shit hole intersection and make it into an new world class facility. Oh. That sucks. So no more hooker hotel and storage facility and what? What are you saving? They will get a fair price

          1. Worry about renters. They are the only ones affected by gentrification. Not hooker hotel and shit hole property owners that never kept up their properties in one of the worst intersections of the city. This business.

            1. Everyone who owns property along Century and Prairie should be rightly concerned about what is happening at the intersection because if successful, it will be replicated elsewhere. Taking someones private property for a private project isn’t the intention of eminent domain.

  3. This is what regentrification looks like. They wealthy folks all up and left Inglewood when minorities moved upwards and were able to afford living there. Their leaving crashed the entire city. Now they want to take it back by relocating a $5bn stadium that has no economic benefits to residents asides jacking up the cost of rent and other amenities. And there’s still another franchise arena coming. If no one stops Butts, Inglewood will end up being another city with expensive zip codes that regular folks who have held it up over these years can’t afford to live in. This is a weird blend of plutocracy and kleptocracy rolled into one bad situation with ugly outcomes.

    1. So an entity wants to prop up and inject money back into a communty they has utterly failed to do so a s it’s labeled racist. Gotcha

      1. Ballmer is trying to get their land on the cheap. The agreement includes language specifically related to the deal between Ballmer and the owners of the Rodeway in and others listed as needing to give up their land have retained lawyers. Agreement also spells out that a petition referendum can be implemented which could also derail this deal. It ain’t over. Visit to join concerned residents fight to not be taxed to help Ballmer destroy our city.

        1. With eminent domain, by law the appraised value has to be paid. How is Baller paying the appraised value getting the “land on the cheap”?

            1. OK but that’s not getting the “land on the cheap” because going the eminent domain route right is about speed, not price.

              There are 12 separate parcels that all have to be acquired within a short amount of time and the only way to make that happen is by eminent domain because eminent domain is the only method to force a sale.

              But getting these appraisals is just the first step. After they are done, each appraisal is presented to its property owner and the property owner is asked if they want to sell for that price. If so, Ballmer cuts a check and the property changes hands like in all sales. If not, the property owner can get their own appraisal and if the value is higher, Ballmer can agree to pay that amount. If Ballmer doesn’t agree to the property owner’s appraised value, then they actually go before a judge who decides on the appraised value.

              In none of these steps is Ballmer (or the property owner) setting the price. Plus, we all just watched Ballmer drop half a billion to make his Forum problem go away and with his $30 billion he has left over, he’s going to cheap out now? So this eminent domain is not about screwing over the property owners by not paying them their fair market value but to speed-up the acquisition process.

              1. Really it seems if this was about hurrying the process Ballmer could just reach into his petty cash pocket or buy a pen at the 99 cent store to sign a check and give the twelve whatever they ask maybe even double —-after all his taxes will be minimal thanks to the Butts deal.But we should consider the Aklilu lawsuit —-Inglewood Residents have been here and done this before with the creation of the shopping center on Century, which we were told would solve our finance worries ….Hmm guess that wasn’t true either, BUT HEY WE MADE CASE LAW in how poorly our existing businesses were treated to make way for the new ones . The City-taxpayer-paid -attorney-kids had a wonderful Christmas while our neighbors had to relocate away from their neighbors and schools. Yep those hundreds of students would have been Morningside Monarchs…. but hey they were low rent kids and trailer park people of a sub class so our elected wanted them gone. And you were wondering why there are so many tents in our streets well probably ..those city council actions to transition to “higher grade housing”
                plays a major role .

  4. I noticed many of the vacant lots are owned by absentee owners and out of the area. I do not have as much sympathy for land speculators. However, the many residents who do not vote or are active in the city are to be just as much responsible (and shoulder the blame) for allowing his behavior (and I vote regularly in the city). When politicians are not held accountable by or worry about the residents, you have an issue. And the mayor has openly (and arrogantly) stated he intends to be mayor for a long time. This is what happens when the people do not become active in their cities.

    I wonder however of the construction jobs will be towards “residents” and not from nearby cities or workers who live temporarily in Inglewood. To be continued…

    1. The Baines’ hired an attorney and were actively calling in during the approval process, beginning with the Planning Commission where District 4 had zero representation. Ask questions before you assume we aren’t involved.

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