Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood school could be a casualty of proposed transit connector

    1. Sofi and the Clippers pay for it. They refuse to pay for it because investment in transit is a risky investment for people who typically don’t like to lose money.

      If these developers refuse to invest money ; although they cite ITC is vital to their project then why should Inglewood residents be inclined to invest 100 million dollars towards this project?

      When will the residents start “benefiting ” in earnest from these ‘Community Benefits Packages “?

  1. Thank you for sharing a bit about William Kelso our First Mayor and the man with the insight to plant so many wonderful oxygen gifting trees (many are still here but don’t tell Butts HE WILL HAVE THEM DESTROYED)

    Education WAS so important it is sad to see that today Inglewood Unified is more about creating business opportunities for contractors rather than teaching students…..

    When nurturing a Billionaire Ball player’s pocketbook is more important than inspiring young people to learn you know someone’s priorities are simply WRONG

    Don’t you love the signs – learn “something new” let us give that a try .

    Treat others the way you would like to be treated –
    No matter who they are, where they came from, how much money/things they have

    People are more important than things -Genuine Friendships are treasures

    Tell the truth – the first time and always because …It is the truth

    There is always something more to learn- old concepts are building blocks for a great future

    Live in a way your grandchildren will be grateful for your wisdom and
    your grandparents feel they inspired by your doing right

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if our LIBRARY BOARD and CITY EXECUTIVE STAFF wanted our children to learn more than they wanted that daily jolt of Starbucks or that photo op.

    Walking among the library stacks once offered the opportunity to discover something new every shelf.
    By our school placing a low priority on reading comprehension and our City throwing thousand starts of volumes in the land fill they showed us they believe our children’s opportunity to discover is unimportant


    It is a tragic thing to stifle a child’s opportunity so that adults can make more money or a monument to themselves

  2. Thank You for reminding us of the truth.

    James Butts seems to be of the opinion his telling a lie often enough makes it a truth.

    Residents NEVER had the opportunity to VOTE regarding a stadium . NOT in Favor and NOT against.

    Stan Kroenke the WLMART BILLIONAIRE paid for “the stadium petition” to be written and paid signature gatherers (many from out of state), to stand in our shopping centers and walk our neighborhoods to get our signatures promising we would have the OPPORTUNITY to VOTE!!!

    HE and THEY LIED!

    JAMES BUTTS and his purchased with campaign donation side kicks Then VOTED to declare THAT WE HAD NO RIGHT TO VOTE so they, yes only the 5, voted for the Stadium.

    THAT VOTER SUPPRESSION would make Martin Luther King sit up in his grave if the hear about it !

    Yep and like the kid with chocolate goo all over his face denying they ate the candy bars ….BUTTS and his sidekicks Voted to Destroy the petitions !!!

    OH and yes former Senator, Council – member, State Board of Equalization Member Jerome Horton’s Wife -then City Clerk Yvonne refused public access to the wording portion of the petitions before that vote took place claiming the document had already been destroyed!!!!

    No people we did NOT Vote for the Stadium and we should not be asked to fund the transport system for the Manipulative Liars who made it our reality.

    Please people think before you vote. James BUTTS is trying turn our community into the Billionaire version of more profit for them at our expense.

    Think this through with public service announcements telling us to limit use of electricity …Why is Butts putting 22 huge digital electricity guzzling billboards in our 9 square miles —if they were such the grand revenue source he said why do we need to raise our property transfer taxes.

    As for the schools –
    the current gal, yes gal, had no experience as a superintendent !

    What part of that makes sense – Doesn’t that tell you she was put in place to help the schools fail- making the land grab “a text book case” of making them disappear right before your eyes…..

    Think it through …….when all those new high rise condos are built- where are the children supposed to go to school? Oh yeah, that’s right eminent domain some older homes and build a “brand new state-of-the-art” architectural statement while the old bonds continue to add up on the homeowner property tax bills and students are “graduating” unable to multiply divide, or comprehend what they read — the perfect next generation of voters to keep the haves and have nots farther apart



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