Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood residents start petitions to “opt out” of citywide parking permit program

  1. I tried to register but needed so much information i became overwhelmed completely.
    Im praying every Sunday not to get ticketed.

  2. Here is a concept.

    The “license plate reader” equipment which the city purchased years ago shows to who and at what address the car is registered . ALL BEFORE PARKING RESTRICTIONS!!

    So what is with the whole foolish application exercise really about?? Extra dollars since not all addresses received notice of new restrictions?

    If the registered owner has the right to determine which licensed member of their family may or may not use and therefore park the car what is with requiring licenses for each permit.
    Could this be method of determining who lives with you in your home ? Kids, In-laws, Friends?

    WHY does Jimmy think he has the right to know who you let use your car ? Or visit or stay in your home overnight?

    Does he think he is the occupancy manager of your bedrooms?


    HOPEFULLY This is enough to make us all realize he does not represent us and does not deserve our respect or vote.


  3. Yes get those Petitions but pease make photos and get time and date stamp on each page from the city clerk, and lest someone misplace that copy make a stamped copy for each signer. You will be surprised what “accidentally” get shredded or misplaced.

    This administration has a habit of claiming they never received or the persons are not real and the other favorite is claiming that occurrences are false antidotes. Please make sure each neighbor stays aware of all the other abuse this Council does to our community with our money!

    IF Yvonne Horton had legitimately attempted to verify signatures for the changing of the City Council meetings to afternoons, she would have found that THERE WAS NO PETITION!!!

    She would have easily discovered that the documents presented were a CUT AND PASTE creation using the GUEST SIGN-IN REGISTER from the Westchester Villa Living facility at 220 Manchester Blvd. HIGHLIGHT that was GUEST REGISTER with names of people not living there but VISITORS of the nursing home residents…VISITING in many cases form Orange and Riverside Counties.

    Yes This is the same facility that 2nd Ave resident Patricia Crenshaw organized an outing for a group of seniors (several with obvious memory issues and many bound to wheelchairs and medicated) to board a city bus to speak out in support of changing meeting times.

    IT was truly inappropriate !!!!!
    At least one of these 80 plus year olds kept shouting for her mother !!!
    Several were asking when lunch would be coming !!!

    This was clearly an outward abuse of elderly persons who should not have been USED to promote the Mayor (and his then only two puppets) agenda.

    RALPH FRANKLIN and ELOY MORALES will have a dismal future when KARMA for that action (among others) kicks in.

    As for Ms CRENSHAW (whose son-in-law magically shortly thereafter was hired by the city)…she should not be surprised as she ages if she encounters persons just as ungracious and using as she has been .

    1. I’ve noticed Franklin is barely at home since he retired from the council. He’s probably hiding in either Big Bear or Florida in one of the properties he owns.

  4. Inglewood has failed to protect the rights of its residents as they continue to cater to the needs of the stadium. I live in the Renaissance where they are telling us we can only have one visitor gone to our home on game day. Based on this rule, my children and parents will no longer be able to come over for our Sunday dinners. It appears as though the stadium events dictate my daily life. Inglewood must put its residents and their needs first!

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