Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “Inglewood residents speak out against proposed zoning changes

  1. THANK YOU 2urban girls for bringing awareness about this proposal which was set for quiet unnoticed vote with precious little notice to the community.

    It has been this kind of backroom “special meeting” push-it-through-pattern that happened with the “Murphy’s Bowl” project which we later found out had absolutely NOTHING to do with a BOWLING ALLEY as was coincidentally presented in a YouTube video featuring Brunswick equipment using “Murphy’s Bowl” and a Century address in the title.

    Yep that project passed while residents were kept in the dark, activists were called names and yep eventually those pesky residents who were called names by the mayor were right. It took awhile but now we know that was the slide it across the table by using a “working name” that we have come to know as the 20,000 seat approved BASKETBALL ARENA!

    Hopefully all residents now have to recognize that this administration (aka THE BUTT PUPPETS and their commissioners) are absolutely comfortable withholding information, lying, misrepresenting, and claiming ignorance of what they have voted for all as they continue to insult community members.

    Some staff members and Buttfans have shouted if we don’t like their plans we can move – perhaps we should tell them they ought to.

    In November we will be voting whether we should increase property transfer taxes !
    This is nothing more than setting us up to be prey for the real estate vultures …
    If a buyer has limited dollars and must pay higher taxes the purchase offer is lower …..hmmmm why do some local websites celebrate our neighbors packing up and moving away…..Could it be they think serving the gentrification machine somehow they will not be replaced. Celebrating a home sale of only a million reflects a disconnect that they don’t know a simple million won’t buy an equitable replacement home anywhere in the Southbay.

    BTW anyone who loves those digital movie style Billboards can thank this same Planning Commission and City Council members who couldn’t be bothered to sit on the Library Lecture Hall stage during the “special meeting “, Of course they don’t want to interact with the people whose lives they have ALREADY impacted with their “do as the mayor wants “ voting.

    This should be etched in our memories as a never forget or never let them do it again events.


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